Lubeck 1732 - 8 Schilling

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by rexesq, Aug 25, 2010.

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    New Money Imperial City of Lubeck
    Well, I picked this coin up at the local coin shop the other week. I like it, I like city coins from this area and period. My only real questions on this coin, are about the fineness of silver used, the weight that it should be, and a general idea of value in higher grades, if any of these are possible? I know it's very well circulated, quite worn and as you can see, it has been clipped at a little bit, but most of the edge is still good.

    rev: COURANT.GELDT.1732 (8 shilling in wreath)

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    It's possible that there isn't any info available pertaining to the fineness and weight of this coin. I don't know, not exactly my area of expertise. I only have a couple city coins from the Germany area. Interesting, pretty and fun coins though.
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