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    Hello everyone! I have been listing a few items each evening to put on ebay. I was off for a while and have started back up. Most everything is starting out at a low bid so please check it out! You might get a bargain! User ID bambam781421 have the following items up so far:
    Mens Indian Head Penny Jewelry collection
    1945 D Filipinas 20 Centavos Silver
    1921 German 1 Mark Porcelain Notgeld Coin
    1863 Robinson & Ballou Grocer Silver War Token
    ?1852? 3 Cent Silver Bracelet (broken)
    1893 Canadian 5 cent coin w/hole
    1834 V Netherlands East Indies Sumatra Island 2 Cents
    1921 UK 1 Shilling Silver coin
    1994 P Lincoln cent error coin (minor die chip)
    1964 Kennedy Half dollar 90% Silver
    66 Grams of .925 Sterling Silver rounds
    2 - Franklin Mint 24K gold plated sterling silver rounds
    1911 Venezuelan 5 Bolivar Silver Coin (hefty like a morgan)
    lot of 7 Liberty V Nickels with and without full dates
    The Morris Plan Lucky Piece Token (Make me an offer if you are interested)
    Benjamin Franklin Memorial Institute coin (Make me an offer if you are interested)
    Engraved Prayer Token
    Bank of Rockville Centre NY Token
    United States Mint Philadelphia Medal 1969
    1945 D 10 Centavos Filipinas Silver Coin (make offer on here since it's not best offer on ebay)
    1890 H Canadian 5 cent coin (rare)
    1935 American Legion Auxillary Dept. of PA School Award Bronze

    Check back because I'll be listing for as long as ebay is giving me free listings! Thanks in advance for anyone who purchases! I appreciate it, as always!
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