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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by NewStyleKing, May 17, 2021.

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    Circa 30 mesi fa ho chiesto informazioni sui nuovi stili di Atene in un tesoro esposto nel Museo Archeologico Villa Frigerj Chieti.

    Mi è stato detto che uno studioso stava già lavorando al tesoro, ma le mie ricerche hanno dimostrato che tale pubblicazione non è avvenuta o è probabile che avvenga poiché la parte principale del tesoro è facile da identificare, registrare e pubblicare utilizzando un minimo di risorse apertamente a disposizione.

    Sarei in grado di farlo nel giro di poche settimane e ora sono in pensione lo farò se mi fornisci le fotografie di entrambi i lati dei New Styles ateniesi e dei tipi Sullan, inizierò subito.

    È giunto il momento che questo accada e senza alcun costo per te solo per un po 'di tempo.


    Some 30 months ago I enquired about the Athens New Styles in a hoard displayed in the Archaeological Museum Villa Frigerj Chieti.

    I was told that a scholar was already working on the hoard, but my researches have shown that no such publication has occurred or is likely to occur since the main portion of the hoard is easy to identify, log and publish using a minimum of resources openly available.

    I would be able to do this in a matter of weeks and now I am retired will do this if you supply the photographs of both sides of the Athenian New Styles and Sullan types I shall start right away.

    It is time now for this to happen and at no cost to you just a little time.


    Prof. John Nisbet

    Coventry UK
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  3. Ryro

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    You just gave me a great tagline for the third film in the franchise!

    "When the Chieti isn't taking care of business, it's time to call in My-chieti, Machete!"


    Ps, best of luck in this endeavour. Your passion for numismatics deserves applause:)
  4. Roma

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    Did you write directly to Valentina Belfiore? If you need I give you her contacts in PM.
  5. NewStyleKing

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    Thanks for the offer, The diatribe above was written to Valentina Belfiori and sent to her e-mail address. Originally Chieti wouldn't reply to me so I had to contact the Italian Embassy in London! Lets see if I get reply. I do hate dealing with museums they can be really obstructive except the Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam and the Coin museum in the Athens house of Heinrich Schliemann
  6. Roma

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    Make a call to her.
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    Where you messed up is starting off the letter with 'Ciao', instead of 'Gentile' or 'Egregio'.

    'Ciao' is like the equivalent of saying "Yo" or "Sup?" -- Casual among pals or chums that are already acquainted with each other, but not necessarily used in addressing one formally.
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  9. NewStyleKing

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    All I want is photographs so I can bore people to death with the unpopular Athens NewStyle. They are so mundane compared to the ever so exciting old style which have recently been found in such huge numbers...16000,45000 from Konya. Same hoard different hoards...who knows. Maybe my writing style then affects my NewStyle chances!
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