Looks like burnt paint for patina what do you think?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by bcuda, Aug 23, 2020.

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    Absolutely not me Richard! I am all for criticism and welcome it. As I recall you expressed your opinion in a moderate and constructive way - so all to the good.

    Best Wishes

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  3. fomovore

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    Can you blame them? Everybody's John Wayne/Bruce Willis/Robert Pattinson/etc. on the interwebs :)
  4. LouisvilleKYShop

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    I was not a member but someone told me about the post and I joined to comment. I have a lifetime guarantee so a person can return a coin for any reason and as a top rated seller the program accepts returns automatically for any reason for 30 days before you factor in my added lifetime guarantee. So anyway, having handled the coin I'd say that material is rock hard on the coin. Your hand will not turn black holding it certainly. I'd be surprised if you could get it off. Here is the link and I buy large lots from Heritage and Roma in the UK plus some overflow from other other dealers. So if you look at the tag you will see there are plenty of others I have from that lot I am selling with the same handwriting. Hope some of that helps a bit and I hope it is OK I posted here and the link to the coin sale. If I broke any rules you can remove my post of course. So I hope this is not seen as advertising and if it is in anyway administrator please remove my post and accept my apology.

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  5. fomovore

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    Albeit initially skeptical, after reading all the comments, my current opinion changed to that it is indeed horn silver.
  6. robinjojo

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    This looks like hoard patina, which is a healthy layer of horn silver.

    Here's a tetradrachm in roughly the same condition, with heavy black patina and some earth still attached. Any attempt to clean it would be a big mistake.

    D-Camera Athens tetradrachm, as found, possible imitation, eBay,  17.1 grams,  8-20-20.jpg
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  7. fomovore

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    100% agree. That's thousands of years "personified". I hope I can find one like this some day.
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  8. fomovore

    fomovore Supporter! Supporter

    Here's the most obvious example of horn silver I have -

    DSC_2080.JPG DSC_2083.JPG
    - and I actually think that it looks great. Too bad the reverse is different.

    Surprisingly, those "glue flow lines" on the obverse are actually metallic. Also, the obverse used to have more shades of red which are darkening now.

    PS. I really need to learn how to shoot coins properly...
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