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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by JPD3, Jul 11, 2024 at 12:47 AM.

  1. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    Hello again to the folks in Ancients.
    I know identifying most ancients is a cakewalk to collectors in this forum, but it's all Greek to me. All the Caesars and rulers look too similar. The only clue I have to what era or reign it might be is from the different reverse types. Most times that is even a quagmire to me.
    I am still attempting to break apart and clean (to some degree) coins from a hoard my Pastor has. It's getting more difficult to separate the encrusted ones. I destroyed two US quarter size ones prying them from the main body/ball. I also ended up snapping two smaller ones in half attempting to clean the detritus between the lettering. Sigh.
    Any help letting me know what these coins are is appreciated. I will post the other four I dislodged and endeavored to make readable around this weekend. Thanks again antiquity sleuths.
    Coin #1

    Coin #2

    Coin #3

    Coin #4

    Coin #5
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  3. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

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  4. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    These are hard to make out exactly, as they are rather low quality and rough, but I'll make a quick guess:
    1. Constantine the Great
    2. Constantine the Great
    3.Constantius II or Constans
    4. Constantine II, Constantius II or Constans
    5. Gallienus, Claudius II Gothicus, at least in this period.

    This page will be good for the first four:
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  5. Victor_Clark

    Victor_Clark all my best friends are dead Romans Dealer

    1. Constantine I from Rome

    2. The reverse is VICTORIAE DD AVGGQ NN; so either Constantius II or Constans...the legend looks more like Constans.

    3. Theodosius I with a REPARATIO REIPVB reverse from the Thessalonica mint.

    4. Constantius II with a GLORIA EXERCITVS reverse.

    5. maybe Claudius II
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  6. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    I'll pass the site to my Pastor & add Wildwinds to my folder of search sites. Thanks.
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  7. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    After you mentioned it I searched and actually found one of the four other coins I cleaned on tesorillo.com (a Constantius II Reverse Type 15d). Thanks
  8. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help. I had never learned about Theodosius I or Claudius II. I read a bit about them. Very interesting folk. Theodosius suppressed Pagan worship and embraced rudimentary Christianity. He also suffered from severe edema. Claudius was surnamed "Gothicus". He only ruled for 2 years and died from pestilence (most likely smallpox).
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  9. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    The remaining three coins I am still searching to distinguish have reverses I'm not accustomed to seeing. One looks like the letter 'P' or maybe 'R'. Another reverse reminds me of a bird. The third one looks like columns or pillars. Thanks to all for any possible confirmations.

    Coin #1

    Coin #2

    Coin #3
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  10. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    The two first ones look Medieval, probably from the Holy Roman Empire or something. The last one looks Islamic. I guess it's 18-20 mm size, or perhaps smaller?
  11. JPD3

    JPD3 Well-Known Member

    Your right. Coin #3 is right on 20mm. Hadn't thought to check Islamic issues. I'll start looking for possible matches on available web sites.
    The coin that looks like a bird on the reverse could possibly be an version of the Imperial Eagle seen on some of those later Holy Roman Empire coins you mentioned. Thanks again.:)
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