Little Asklepios from Pergamon

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Roman Collector, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Far from rare but I thought it was interesting. They are next to impossible to obtain with complete legends on the reverse. Post anything you feel is relevant, of course!

    Pergamon Asklepios and serpent staff.jpg
    Mysia, Pergamon, ca. 133-27 B.C.
    Greek Æ dichalkon, 16.4 mm, 3.74 g, 2 h.
    Obv: Laureate head of Asklepios right.
    Rev: AΣKΛHPIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ, serpent-entwined staff.
    Refs: BMC 154-157; SNG Cop 368 ff; SNG France 1828-48; SNG von Aulock 1373.
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    That's a really nice example. Mine has the legends, but lost the head of the snake.

    Mysia Pergamon - AE Snake staff 2308.jpg
    MYSIA, Pergamon
    AE17. 3.87g, 16.8mm, MYSIA, Pergamon, circa 200-133 BC. Demetrios, magistrate. SNG Cop 368. O: Laureate and bearded head of Asklepios right; ΔHMHTΡIOΥ below. R: AΣKΛHΠIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ, Staff of Asklepios entwined with serpent.

    I also like this other bronze with an owl countermark.
    Mysia Pergamon - AE Snake Owl Cm 2304.jpg
    MYSIA, Pergamon
    AE20. 8.18g, 20mm. MYSIA, Pergamon, 190-133 BC. BMC 161. O: Laureate head of Asklepios right. R: AΣKΛHΠIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ, Serpent of Asklepios coiled around omphalos; c/m, owl standing.

    And for the complete snakey picture from Pergamon, I guess we'll need one of these as well...
    Mysia Pergamon - Cistophoric Tetradrachm 2256.jpg
    MYSIA, Pergamon
    AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm. 12.69g, 27.2mm. MYSIA, Pergamon, circa 104-98 BC. Kleiner, Hoard 12; BMC 106. O: Cista mystica within ivy wreath. R: Two serpents entwined around bow case; ΔI above, civic monogram to left, serpent-entwined thyrsos to right.
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    A very nice coin! Great portrait & look.
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    My owl appears to have been swallowed and is still in the snake.
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    Keeping with the CM theme
    I never did try to ID the host coin, just assumed it was Pergamon but it does have a different Obverse to those shown so far.
    Head right wearing a helmet ? 2.77g - 14/15mm
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    I have a little Asklepios from Pergamon also!

    GetImage (7).jpg
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