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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by GDJMSP, Jul 4, 2020.

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    Ya know, usually I don't need to worry too much about you guys - meaning those of you who frequent and typically post at least for the most part in the Ancients section. Most of the time ya follow the rules. That was not the case yesterday !

    When I got here this morning there were 3 reports about comments posted in a single thread. At first I said OK, no big deal, and I started editing posts. After editing numerous posts, and I do mean numerous, I started reading faster and scrolling through the posts. By the time I'd gone through 10 or 12 that would have to be edited, I said to hell with it and I simply removed the whole thread. And yeah, there were more, others, over and above those.

    To make things worse, each offending (rule breaking) post was quoted several times. And by quoting an offending post you're breaking the rules just like the member who originally posted it did - you're repeating the same offense he made - making things even worse than they were to begin with ! DO NOT DO THAT !

    If you run across a post that you think needs to be reported, by all means report it. And the mods will sort it out and do what needs done. But DON'T quote it ! And just because one member, or more than one, breaks the rules with his post/s, that doesn't mean that you can respond with a post/s of your own that also breaks the rules !

    But that's what was going on yesterday, at least 2 pages of posts of it, I didn't bother to go through the 3rd page. By that point I had decided to simply remove the entire thread.

    And yeah, I get it, I know everybody is at the least on edge, concerned, worried, and in some cases down right angry over what's going on in the world. So I didn't issue any infractions. But that doesn't mean I won't ! The rules of this forum apply to everyone - and I do mean everyone ! And everyone will be treated exactly the same.

    You would all do well to remember that !
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