Lincoln Cents 1909-1995 The Journey

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Jmis, Nov 29, 2019.

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  3. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Last of the S Mint Proofs came today.
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  4. NewbietoCoins

    NewbietoCoins Well-Known Member

    I just started a different way though. I am starting with key dates and semi key dates since my assumption is they will go up in cost before I complete everything. I have a couple non-keys too. So far I have:

    1909-S - PCGS MS62BN (Key Date)
    1909 VDB - Raw
    1910-S - PCGS MS63RB (Semi Key Date)
    1911-S - PCGS MS63BN (Semi Key Date)
    1914-D - Raw (Key Date)
    1917-S - Raw
    1931-S - PCGS MS64BN (Key Date)

    I started off with the intention of just buying the key dates graded but then decided to do semi dey dates as well. Going to take a while though as I set a portion of my Christmas bonus aside for this and have spent what I set aside for this specifically. Lol
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  5. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Nice coins you have!

    I wanted to knock out all the low dollar coins first. I have some keys and semi keys as well. I know now pretty much every coin left won’t be cheap. I would like to pick them up raw for the book but understand it’s better to buy graded keys.

    Good luck with your set!
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  6. coin dog

    coin dog Active Member

    If it hasn't been mentioned yet. NEVER put rubber bands anywhere near your coins. I learned the hard way. It will go right through the holder, and leave a black line on your coins. The damage will be permanent. I would suspect sulphur would be the culprit.
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  7. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Never knew that, thanks!
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  8. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Four coins today, 1934 and 1932 UNC plus a 1933D and 1923S filler.
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  9. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    The problem with rubber bands or anything of rubber, it will contain sulfur, which of course reacts with coin metal , and shouldn't be used. But you can get nitrile rubber bands which do not. They are quite strong , but overtime will react with ozone if sufficient amount is in the atmosphere where one resides. Jim
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  10. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Added some more coins with a 1931s.
  11. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Updated list of coins I need. Circles mean I have one but want to upgrade.
  12. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    So I’ve made some pretty good progress on my set. I’m down to 8 coins not including the DD’s. I purchased the 1909s VDB in XF25. I totally love the coin as it’s also Lincoln Woody. 4E95D4DA-C76A-4C17-86C7-A96FCE22EBEE.jpeg 56C5D7E2-A50A-4B47-996F-7E6EC685DA11.jpeg 1FF926BF-1592-4BBC-8DCE-97D11900EC4B.jpeg 0E90AEF2-64CF-4519-AF73-3DA098A6906C.jpeg
  13. HaleiwaHI

    HaleiwaHI Active Member

    I started out the same way and ended up collecting tubes of wheats. I got way too much to put in books Wheats (1).JPG Wheats (1).JPG Wheats (3).JPG
  14. HaleiwaHI

    HaleiwaHI Active Member

    I probably have enough doubles to fill your search list. Just DM me and LMK what grades you want.
  15. Jmis

    Jmis Active Member

    Good to know! I'll PM you soon.
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