Leu Numismatik Invoice Process?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by frankjg, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    I picked up a couple of coins in the Leu Numismatik auction over the past weekend... my first Parthian and my first Roman Provincial (Thracian with an awesome temple reverse).

    Any idea on how their invoice process works? I haven't seen an invoice come through yet and wondering if I need to contact them.

    Looking forward to posting them once they arrive.
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  3. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    I had some successful bids in their June 2019 auction, and they e-mailed me an invoice (as a pdf-file) within three business days. I paid them via TransferWise, and they shipped the coins immediately afterwards.

    If I were you, I'd wait and expect to get an invoice somewhen in the next days.
  4. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    I received my invoice a few hours ago. If you don’t get yours in a day or two, I’d drop them an email.
  5. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    Thanks... My first auction with them and I'm being impatient :)

    ha - just got my invoice
  6. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Great score, btw. It’s a lovely coin. I picked up a Thracian Provincial too. :)
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