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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by H8_modern, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. petro89

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    Got a few nickles this weekend. The 1943P was a bad picture el-cheapo what the heck bid on ebay. I think I got it for like $1.70 plus 2 bucks shipping. The rust/copper color is awesome in hand. The 1945S was part of a set of war nickles I got at a local show. Definately a poor strike, but the luster is absolutely booming in hand, and the toning is gorgeous. The 1951S I got at the show too just as I was about to leave. It is incredibly lustrous and the different colors are awesome. Still working on the pics, and I definately need more lighting (my pics tend to look washed out and a lot less lustrous than they are in hand) but I wanted to take a few before bed. I like my additions!
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  3. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

    At least i feel good that it is sealed in the original packaging, I would say natural....:u*meY:
  4. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    No doubt about it. Perhaps if sent in like that, a TPG would grade it.
  5. coinguy-matthew

    coinguy-matthew Ike Crazy

  6. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    This isnt technically a "recent acquisitions' but i think it sort of fits as i just had it returned from NGC


    I was a little miffed that it came back cleaned :( I was hoping for a problem free coin. This was something my grandfather gave to me about 5 years ago and I always knew I had it, but I wanted it graded for authentication and archival purposes. Now I know he passed a fake off on me.....LOL....got me with 2 others too! I sent off 5 coins total for grading and returned 3 as improperly cleaned. Oh well at least they are still good coins and will always hold a place in my heart coming from my grandfather....guess you gotta start the youngsters off with the lousier coins....HAHAHA. Ill post pictures of my other 2 favorites i sent off and they came back as cleaned
  7. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    Heres the next one I got back:

    1892 O.jpg
    1892 o zoom.jpg
  8. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    And the 3rd cleaned one that returned:

    1892 .jpg
    1892 zoom.jpg
  9. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    A lot of people and collectors cleaned their coins properly and mostly, improperly. However, they are still very nice to have.
  10. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    Another 1968S cent! :smile

    Cent 1968S 2 O.jpg Cent 1968S 2 R.jpg
  11. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    The cleaned examples that still exhibit some sort of luster are particularly attractive. If it came down to grade and key date, I would probably own one just so I can save some money. I would probably do the crack out game if I did decide to sell it in the future.
  12. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    I would have no problem purchasing a coin I liked if it had been improperly cleaned so long as the price reflected that.
  13. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    I think the fact that your grandfather gave them to you is the best part!
  14. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    I don't know the history of the 1892 Barbers + 1932-S Washington.
    But I do know this if H.A or Stacks or any large coin shop had submitted them there would be # grade on the holder.J Q Public has a large % of get the Detailed holder @ Ngc or Pcgs too.
  15. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    I dont have any problems with them either. I think they are attractive as is, and they are obviously still a high grade (the Barbers) with an AU Details designation. In fact I also have an 1892 Barber half in AU Details condition, so I think I will spring for an AU Details dime when i get the spare change up to purchase it. I will have all 3 of the first year Barbers in a high, consistent grade that I am very happy with. My Half is in an ANACS case though, so i may resubmit for uniform appearances after I pick up my NGC dime. Cant wait to complete that little sub-set im working on. Its been on my mind since the coins came back in the smae condition as that half i already had.
  16. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    That sounds really cool what you have done and are planning to do.
  17. Silverhouse

    Silverhouse Well-Known Member

    My newest Barber. 1914 P. I am going to send this in for grading, but haven't decided yet on PCGS or NGC. I have a membership with the latter though. What grade do you think it would get? Barber2.jpg Barber5.jpg Barber4.jpg Barber5.jpg
  18. Gallienus

    Gallienus Well-Known Member

    I know I should stay in the foreign area, but....

    These are not rare, about 10 years ago apparently a large hoard of classical Athenian tets was found. Prices dropped a little but various nefarious dealers try to list them at high prices. This one has almost a full crest but apparently not full enough to make the price higher. Also the coin is whiter in person. However it was part of a sale which had some incredibly rare & desireable Greek in it & I guess everyone was going after the rarities so I got it at a semi-reasonable price. There are 3 main styles, the archaic, the classical (this one) and the New Style (often comes nice & was made much later). All 3 types have experiences hoard finds so are reasonably priced today.

    This is actually the 2nd one of these I've owned. The 1st was a VF-EXF which I sold when I lost interest in ancients around 1995 or so. Then I got back into them starting around 2002.
  19. Gallienus

    Gallienus Well-Known Member

    I wonder how much this could be cleaned & how much is plain honest wear from being spent. I guess they think it's a bit brighter than it should be?
  20. lonegunlawyer

    lonegunlawyer Numismatist Esq.

    Bright? I think it looks great

    I am not very up to date on ancients, the catalog I was referencing is from the mid 1970's.
  21. Gallienus

    Gallienus Well-Known Member

    I forgot to hit reply with quote. Bright & cleaned were referring to a 1932-S Washington quarter someone posted here.
    On the Athenian tet I'd say that the hoards were possibly 1990's or later. Still since the mid 70's prices for these have increased substantially although not as much as for nice US coinage.
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