Let's see your newest acquisitions!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by H8_modern, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ryang74

    ryang74 Active Member

    1892 - CC Morgan - gotta love those old west coins A3D0DB21-CAAE-4133-AD23-170924CADE8E.jpeg 0E1CB04F-7873-4699-9177-3796302636DB.jpeg
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  3. HAB Peace 28 2.0

    HAB Peace 28 2.0 Business, is business. Supporter

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  4. HawkeEye

    HawkeEye 1881-O VAMmer Supporter

    An XF45 so not a high grade coin. But since these are of lower value, fewer tend to be graded (in this case 46 of them). I found this one out on eBay and it will be a nice addition to the collection.

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  5. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    This is a bargain. I found a lost collection I purchased about 15 years ago and this is in it. I see there were several special sets, but this one had a special holder NOT from the mint.

    Mon Jan 04 16-46-10.jpg 2006 1$ Bullion.jpg
  6. Seated J

    Seated J Supporter! Supporter

    I needed a Capped Bust Quarter for my type set, and I thought the die cracks on this one were fascinating. Bought from Northern Nevada Coins, PCGS VF-35. 25-1836-Obv.JPG 25-1836-Rev.JPG
  7. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    My first one in years 2021 Red Book.jpg
  8. RonSanderson

    RonSanderson Supporter! Supporter

    This was ordered on December 19, so it only took 2 1/2 weeks to arrive.

    That's much better than my Lincoln matte proof, which was sent November 14 by registered mail, from 30 miles away, and has been listed as "In Transit, Arriving Late" ever since. That's frustrating because it is by far the most I ever spent on a coin, and now I don't have the money or the coin. I can't even buy a different one. :bigtears:

    I always wanted a coin that showed the details of the Flying Eagle cent in sharp detail. Well, this is not a coin, but it is much cheaper than what a real coin would be. It's a Dan Carr overstrike on an actual Flying Eagle. It works for me, but I am not a purist about these little metallic discs. It is just what I wanted, but better.

    01c 1859 Carr full 01.gif
    01c 1859 Carr obverse 05.JPG 01c 1859 Carr reverse 05.JPG
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  9. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    @Ron Sanderson
    Same reason I bought one too.
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  10. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

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  11. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . . Supporter

    Quoting myself and fulfilling my commitment above, here they are . . . . .




  12. Ike Skywalker

    Ike Skywalker Well-Known Member

    I’ve only ever bought one- the 2012 edition.
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  13. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

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  14. Charles Ruge

    Charles Ruge Well-Known Member

    I picked this one up yesterday:

  15. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    2021’s first major purchase. First year of issue and a transitional year with the $5 gold Liberty.

    5527B713-94A9-4368-9DA1-1BE740D2E713.jpeg A7137E19-BCE4-43D3-8EB9-FE497668D459.jpeg 08BC54E0-E0DC-4D58-BDCF-EAA05871F4A0.jpeg
  16. Garlicus

    Garlicus Debt is dumb, cash is king. Supporter

    The white line above the 3 is just a thread of paper that I didn’t blow off before photographing.
    4A56A6B8-A7F3-467B-B2BA-A94F823B8BEB.png 58948730-3FD7-47DD-8BFE-847D06F49488.jpeg
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  17. RonSanderson

    RonSanderson Supporter! Supporter

    The 1910 proof is still lost in the mail, but this 1911 matte proof Lincoln arrived yesterday. PCGS graded it PR65BN.

    With a mintage of only 1733 coins, it is still priced less than the 1909-S VDB, with 484,000 minted. At the time Kevin Flynn's book Lincoln Cent Matte Proofs was published in 2009, he said only 488 had been graded. The fate of the others is unknown.

    With direct lighting, both sides are very, very blue. This photo can only hint at that, due to reflections off the plastic slab obliterating the coin image.

    01c 1911 PF full 01.gif

    01c 1911 PF obverse 03.JPG 01c 1911 PF reverse 03.JPG
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    GARY R COYIER Active Member

    My last purchase of 2020. The 20th Anniversary set. 20210102_181103.jpg 20210102_180002.jpg 20210102_175733.jpg
  19. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    The 1999 Dolley is for my 7070 and for some reason the seller also sent 4 Ike dollars 1999 Dolley 3.jpg 4 Ikes.jpg
  20. okbustchaser

    okbustchaser I may be old but I still appreciate a pretty bust Supporter

    Believe it or not, I just bought another 1827 half dollar. I may never break this habit.

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  21. Got these nice ones at my local shop last week. Good deal for less than $1 a piece.

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