Let's see your newest acquisitions!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by H8_modern, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Santinidollar

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    Bingo! Examined the coin and the VAM site photo. I do declare that it is a VAM-3 and will be noted. Thanks for your sharp eye! Any premium to speak of associated with this?
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  3. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy Supporter

    No not really. At HA they sold for an average of around $800.
  4. Santinidollar

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    Not worried about it. I bought it at good price without the attribution. So, for once at least, I’m ahead of the game. Thanks for your help! I owe you one.
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  5. robec

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  6. Chiefbullsit

    Chiefbullsit CRAZY HORSE

    Mintage of 38, only MS70. DSC_0004-horz.jpg
  7. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    18094026-C759-4587-AF2C-2C94FA422BD6.jpeg 32C7AF3A-7EE3-43D8-AF46-5DE4BA111729.jpeg 42B33632-9F05-40DC-946F-6A1010420D0E.jpeg EE6E1559-8874-4C2C-9C35-B169FA875DFE.jpeg I picked up a large coin lot I bought months ago. Here’s a couple of the less important ones. Nothing I’m going to send out as the bust is scratched but I like the circam on the seated half
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  8. Rick Ricker

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  9. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    A9C87EB6-B450-4B81-A9F5-3FA9EDA0F0BA.jpeg FD1B80CD-2B2D-4C62-986F-1430B358C0E2.jpeg 809D5E57-A175-44D3-8333-02A69B6213DE.jpeg 0713B542-FB99-45CE-81A8-5B01FBF597ED.jpeg A couple more. I need to get the crud off the half in some acetone
  10. longshot

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  11. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    Thanks. I hadn’t got a chance to look it up or the 1827 I got in the lot. Or the 1834 bust dime. I bought the lot for these coins and a couple high grade barber halves. Also got a bunch of worn standing quarters and seated and mostly barber coinage that I added to my drawer of a little bit better than junk silver -no culls no dead presidents
  12. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    Got this bad boy for $125! Off to PCGS she goes!
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  13. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

    "Pa-too-ie," says the eagle! Off to PCGS next week.
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  14. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy Supporter

  15. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy Supporter

    What's your estimate on the grade?
  16. C-B-D

    C-B-D U.S. Type Coins or death!

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  17. HAB Peace 28 2.0

    HAB Peace 28 2.0 Well-Known Member

    1882 O MS 65 Morgan
    I've been wanting a good example of this date and grade, for a while now. Thanks Mr. Shapiro.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  18. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    08715579-3E4D-4888-8EE3-073DF4AD17D4.jpeg 73B00069-D5E4-470B-8891-9E040F94D45B.jpeg Another from that lot
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  19. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    F07CDBD9-C4A9-4F0C-A29A-5BD0E8AF93EC.jpeg DB3C8FC4-DC34-48BA-961E-D69120F8DDF8.jpeg Got this back in September always popular 61-o in xf
  20. dwhiz

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  21. ewomack

    ewomack Senior Member

    1939-D Walker 50c graded MS 65 by NGC
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