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  1. TheNickelGuy

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    1971 Annie Oakley
    Little Miss Sure Shot

    Bronze and Silver medals

    It was Sitting Bull who was also an entertainer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show who gave Annie Oakley the name "Little Miss Sure Shot".
    Sitting Bull was quite taken with Annie and adopted her as not only a member of the Hunkpapa Lakota but as a daughter.

    This monument is in Greenville Ohio.


    She did not live there and is not buried there.
    She was born and buried near/in Brock Ohio alongside husband Frank Butler.

    I have this medal in bronze. I think this one is rather rare. I have only seen a few of the bronze and only one of this sterling silver medal.


    Not the greatest condition but I won't see this one again anytime soon.
    Maybe never? I am starting to lose count on how many Annie Oakley medals I have accumulated.
    Silver version of my bronze "Little Miss Sure Shot"


    A late edit:

    I have a deal in the works since posting for this (kind of expensive) rare button.
    Do I want to pay for it? Not really, but do I want it?
    You betcha I do.
    Gotta have it don't you think?

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  3. ZoidMeister

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    "Bring It On . . . " says the nickel honcho . . . . .

    OK, I don't think you will find anything on this one, even on Numista . . . . . . .

    Good luck with it. Looking for engraver, minting house, and population reports . . . . . .

    I do have two of these BTW . . . . .


    1902 Bloomsburg #1 - obverse.JPG 1902 Bloomsburg #1 - reverse.JPG 1902 Bloomsburg #2 - obverse.JPG 1902 Bloomsburg #2 - reverse.JPG

  4. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    You have two! what thah . . .

    All I have for Bloomsburg is this silly looking paper money


    Sorry for posting currency here but I couldn't help myself.
    Zoid, me and you might want to trade duplicates someday?

    PS: I see you are on Token Catalog too. I'll check around for you. It is a challenge.
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  5. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    A page I found for the Bloomsburg Centennial in The Columbian Newspaper
    No mention of your tokens so far.

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  6. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    I have two of a LOT of things, like that Inseparable Friends Kettle Token I originally posted . . . . . . .

    And yeah, I'm adding as much as possible to TokenCatalog.com as time permits.


    1814 Inseparable Friends #1 - obverse GS.JPG 1814 Inseparable Friends #1 - reverse GS.JPG 1814 Inseparable Friends #2 - obverse GS.JPG 1814 Inseparable Friends #2 - reverse GS.JPG
  7. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    You'll see I have quite a bit there. Just sayin, if you see I have dups and wanna maybe swap PM me. Don't wanna do that here. There's another thread for that. nuf said.
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  8. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    Here's my Annie...great play. Annie.jpg
  9. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    I re-imaged my Bicentennial tokens and put some in different slabs. PA bi centennial token C.jpg AFT Bronze B.jpg AFT Silver B.jpg BIcentennial Wagon Train B.jpg
  10. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    Bernadette Peters. She autographed your playbill!
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  11. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    Then I purchased this, sellers image. Official Bicentennial Medal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Silver.jpg
  12. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    Just some more fooling aroundd by adding my hobo nickel to the 2 AFT tokens AFT Bronze hobo silver.jpg
  13. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    Some things I have triplets of . . . . . . .


    1904 Louisiana Purchase trio - obverse.JPG 1904 Louisiana Purchase trio - reverse.JPG 1960's J.J. Conway restrike trio - #4.JPG 1960's J.J. Conway restrike trio - #5.JPG IMG_1423.JPG IMG_1424.JPG IMG_3312.JPG IMG_3313.JPG IMG_1722.JPG IMG_1719.JPG
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  14. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    Work has been keeping me occupied, hence my delay in posting . . . . .
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  15. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

  16. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    Yes..I was able to meet her and the cast and have dinner with them. Great time in NY.
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  17. TheNickelGuy

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    1968 Theodore Roosevelt NCS Sterling Medal
    5292 minted
    26.4 gr 39mm
    .925 silver
    National Commemorative Society - Franklin Mint



    A lot of Franklin Mint medals and other similar makers issues are believed to have been melted down, especially during the silver boom of the late 1970's.

    The reverse had me stumped as I had never heard this as something that Teddy Roosevelt said.
    I have found it was a political cartoon by Thomas Nast in drawn in 1896.


    Theodore Roosevelt rides a bucking horse called "Spoilsman" wearing a saddle inscribed "Civil Service Reform."
    In the background is a cabin titled "Uncle Sam's Ranch, U.S.A."
    Roosevelt's hat has flown off his head, and a paper slips from it which says,
    "The Commission means business. T.R."
    At bottom right is the caption,
    "Stick to your saddle and don't be bounced."
    and signed in 1889.

    This is about Civil Service Reform.
    Theodore Roosevelt was The Civil Service Commissioner at the time.
    U.S. civil service reform was a major issue in the late 19th century at the national level, and in the early 20th century at the state level. Proponents denounced the distribution of government offices—the "spoils"—by the winners of elections to their supporters as corrupt and inefficient. They demanded nonpartisan scientific methods and credentials be used to select civil servants.
  18. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    1966 Theodore Roosevelt
    Chase Commemorative Society


    Chase Commemorative Society
    issue No 8 in the 1st set of 10 medals from 1966.

    Edge numbered 1436
    Theodore Roosevelt
    About .88 troy oz .925 Sterling Silver and 1.5 inches in diameter.
    There is conflicting info on these as some places say …

    The Chase Comemmorative Society medals are one of the few series from the Franklin Mint that was ever made in .999 silver, giving the weight as 27.8 grams or .8938 troy ounces.


    I think these are probably .999 pure silver but they are not marked either way.
  19. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    1968 Theodore Roosevelt bronze medal
    NYU - HOF



    The Hall of Fame For Great Americans New York University. Theodore Roosevelt. Smaller version bronze medal is 1.75 inches in diameter.
    It weighs 48.4 Grams.
    Made by The Medallic Art Co of NY.

    The obverse is a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt, smiling robustly, with "The Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University - 1858 Theodore Roosevelt 1919".

    The reverse is Roosevelt riding a horse with "Men Can Never Escape Being Governed".

    This popular iconic image of Teddy Roosevelt was taken at Oyster Bay in 1912 shortly after his nomination by the new Progressive party.

  20. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    Any thoughts on this Lincoln plaque? 22x28 inches. No makers mark.
    Been looking for many years with no luck.
    DSCN0428.JPG DSCN0438.JPG DSCN0443.JPG
  21. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    1905 Theodore Roosevelt 3 inch bronze medal



    I bought this medal with the understanding that it may be a more recent US Mint issue from an ongoing series of US Presidents. I have seen these in small sizes and like this one in a 3 inch size.
    Call me strange, but there was a certain attraction about the patina and the appearance of some handling with care.

    The obverse of the Theodore Roosevelt medal, originally executed in 1905, depicts a bespectacled Roosevelt facing left, while the reverse depicts Columbia, her right hand resting upon a column bearing a cinerary urn and devices symbolizing the authority of the United States, with the U.S. Capitol in the background. The obverse was designed and sculptured by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber; U.S. Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan designed and sculptured the reverse.
    Now I have since learned that 4 medals were issued in 1981, Jefferson one like this, FDR and Ronald Reagan. They sold out and in 2015 they were back in production.

    It would be nice if mine was from 1905, I would have to say it is at least from 81 by the patina and certainly unlikely it is from the 2015 mintage.

    Perhaps there is a weight difference in the early ones or some hint in the engraving details of the medal. I do not know.
    I got it cheap enough, I've seen those that are mint in plastic sealed bags fetch 3 or 4 times what I paid.

    So cost aside, I thought just maybe it was not a reissue. I looked up the original First and Second Inauguration Medals of Theodore Roosevelt.


    The first has a design similar to one of them but the reverse is different.

    The Second Inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt is something I would imagine is quite elusive and expensive as Roosevelt asked Augustus St-Gaudens to make it for him. The Eagle on the reverse is awesome.

    What I really have here, I just don't know but I like it and that's all that matters. It appears it commemorates both terms as President.

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