Let’s see your gold Indians...is that a PC term?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by ryang74, Feb 1, 2020.

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    I don’t know. Some NGC slabs of the same type have that designation. Others do not.
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    The 1907 No Motto $10 gold is an odd coin. The design details are softly struck which had led to inconsistent certification service grading. I bought this piece many years ago. It looks like an MS-64 and yet it's in an NGC MS-61 holder.

    1907eagleOJPG.jpg 1907eagleR.JPG

    I upgraded this type in my set a few years ago. I didn't sell this piece at the time because it really should be cracked out and re-submitted.

    These No Motto coins were made from models that Herman Hering (St. Gaudens' point man who worked with the mint on the project) and Homer St. Gaudens (his son) submitted for the design after St. Gaudens died in August 1907. Later Charles Barber reworked the design, which made the details stronger.
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  6. johnmilton

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    This 1907 No Motto $10 gold is my upgrade coin. It is a PCGS MS-64, CAC.

    1907 Ten Dol O.jpg 1907 Ten Dol R.jpg
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    If it wasn’t for that bag mark on the cheek that would be a 65 coin for sure, very nice!!
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