Less common Ike dollars.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Morgandude11, Jun 2, 2023.

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    Normally, Ike dollars are pretty common, in all but the very few certified MS and PF70 grades. However, another grade combination is far less than common—not rare, but certainly somewhat exclusive, and low population. That is the NGC 69 * cameo, and 69 *ucam coins. They are generally quite attractive for the series, and don’t show up often. Over the holiday weekend, I picked up 2 of them. They are in the mail, and these are seller’s mediocre pictures. However, they tend to be unusually nice for what tends to be an ordinary series. I managed to pick them up for about 1/2 the normal price, as it was a slow weekend for auctions.

    IMG_0247.jpeg IMG_0245.jpeg IMG_0246.jpeg
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    Neato!! Always felt like this series was under appreciated. I'd be curious to see a photo of this bad boy side by side with a run of the mill proof Ike.

    I assembled a PCGS PR69DCAM basic Ike set back in 2012 -- one of my first ventures into in PCGS Set Registry. I like the series, especially haze-free, clean specimens like the one you've got.

    The one interesting variety in the series I was never able to get my hands on is the 1971-S Type 1 Reverse. Never even seen one at a show or at auction now that I think about it...

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  4. mrweaseluv

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    No doubt those stars are hard to come by... I've had to settle for PR69dcam for most of mine :D I thought this one rated a star but no :D
    4290445_Full_Obv.jpg 4290445_Full_Rev.jpg
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  5. Vertigo

    Vertigo Did someone say bust?

    Well pcgs don't use a star grade. Just ngc
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