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    Another "20 Years Anarchy" emperor, Leontius overthrew Justinian II in 695, only to find himself overthrown by Tiberius III in 698. These were pretty bad years for the Byzantine empire, and the coins of the era generally reflect the situation. Justinian II, Leontius, and Tiberius III all had their noses slit and were then executed one after another by their successors. It really wasn't a great time to hold the Byzantine throne. The situation took a little time to neutralize as well. This coin, though rough, features a decent portrait for the type. The reverse looks overstruck almost to oblivion, but some of the common letters and devices still stand out.

    695_to_698_Leontius_AE_Follis_01.png 695_to_698_Leontius_AE_Follis_02.png
    Leontius (695 - 698), Æ Follis, Constantinople, Obv: Legend obscure, bearded bust of emperor facing, wearing crown and loros, and holding globus cruciger, small cross in right field; Rev: large M, ANNO on left, probably year 1, officinal Δ; 23-24mm, 4.01g, MIB 32 var., Sear 1334 var.
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