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    Though it has some lamination issues on its "cross-side," this silver Miliaresion looks pretty decent in hand. This example could get attributed to either Leo IV or to Leo III since the issues of this type from both emperors have only subtle differences. At least two dealers (the dealer I purchased it from, and a CNG auction from 2014) attribute it to Leo IV, so I'll go with that for the time being. The CNG auction also claimed that this coin came from the "El Cid" collection, but the second dealer didn't include this information, not can I find any information on this particular collection. So, I have no
    idea if that earlier claim holds any significance. Does anyone know anything about the "El Cid" collection?

    775_to_780_LeoIV_Miliaresion_01.png 775_to_780_LeoIV_Miliaresion_02.png
    Leo IV with Constantine VI (775-780), AR Miliaresion, Constantinople; Obv: ҺSЧS XRISTЧS ҺICA, cross potent set on three steps; Rev: / LЄOҺ/ S COnSτ/ AҺτIҺЄ Є/C ΘЄЧ ЬA/SILIS· in five lines; 22mm, 1.75 g, 12h; DOC 3; Sear 1585
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