Lego Fun, Vol. XVIIII: The Arch of Mars

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    At 32 meters, the so-called "Porte de Mars" at Reims (France) is the widest surviving arch of the Roman world. It is the only remaining of the four gates that gave access to the Gallo-Roman town of Durocortorum. The structure is estimated to date from the fist half of the third century A.D. and was later named after the nearby temple of Mars.


    I have reconstructed the now missing attic that was likely topped by a quadriga.


    Here is an old artist´s impression:


    My Lego works had the honour to be presented at the Ballinstadt Museum in Hamburg this summer:


    And to keep this coin related, here is my only coin featuring Mars, an unlisted Sestertius of Vitellius:


    A VITELLIVS GERMAN IMP AVG PM TR P - Laureate, draped bust of Vitellius right /
    S C - Mars, helmeted and naked but for cloak, advancing right, holding transverse spear in right hand and Aquila standard in left hand over left shoulder.
    Sestertius, Rome, July/August 69 aD
    35,64 mm / 24,29 gr
    RIC 141 var. (trophy instead of aquila over Mars’ shoulder) = BMCRE 58 = RCTV I 2208; CBN 108 var. (trophy) = Cohen 79; CBN 104 var. (trophy and legend ends P M TR) = Cohen 79; Mazzini 80 var. (Mars holds aquila, but obv. legend ends P M TR) = Cayon (Los Sestercios del Imperio Romano) 29.

    Please post your coins showing Mars, or any cool Lego stuff
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    That's pretty amazing. (Understatement. Very impressive indeed!)

    Where did those pieces used in the columns come from?
    My experience with Legos dates to the 1970s, when it was all still pretty much basic blocks. I don't think they had even invented the little people yet.

    But boy, howdy, I had a bushel basket full. Literally. We brought back a Maasai basket from Africa (the kind you see ladies carrying on their heads), and I kept all my Legos in it. But then one day my stepmother got rid of all my Legos when I went off to college. *sigh*
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