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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by YoloBagels, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    So back in May I looked through some binders that were laying around in one of my LCS stores. There was a large amount of nice world coins and I was very interested in buying them. However, they were part of an appraisal and the LCS had not bought them yet.

    Well, yesterday I got the call that my store had bought the lot. So I came down and picked out what I liked (basically every silver coin in the lot). In the end I ended up getting very fair prices and overall I am very happy with what I got.

    Here are some of my favorites from the lot:

    1824A Prussian Thaler, VF Details - Holed. Great detail, lots of character, good patina

    1828 5 Franc, VF20, great patina toning from old cleaning (blue, not visible in pic). This one makes me think of Filthy Frank every time I see it (sorry to everyone who knows who that is)

    1843 1 Rouble, I grade AU53. Has some wear and patina issues, but still has plenty of luster on both sides (couldn't capture the reverse very well). This is probably my favorite coin of the lot.


    1910 Revolutionary Caballito Peso - Mexico. Have always wanted to own one of these and now I do! Despite having a semi-old cleaning, this coin still exhibits a decent amount of original mint luster and some blue-yellow toning on the edges. Then again I am very happy to finally have one of my own.


    1783A Reichsthaler, Friedrich der Grosse. Cool to have a chunky silver crown from the colonial era that isn't an 8 reale!


    Next is probably the least eye-appealing coin in the lot. But I have always liked the Bavarian variety 5 marks and for the price it was still a great deal.

    1904-D Bavarian 5 Mark, German Empire. XF45, some luster still left. Patina issues.


    1811 5 Franc, Napoleon on obv. Nice historic coin with an attractive circcam patina.


    Here are a couple more coins I got. Even still, that isn't the entire lot. Might offer these for sale in the future once I get more organized. Very satisfied with my coins today, thanks for reading through!

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  3. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter Supporter! Supporter

    Nice haul. I’d love to find an appealing Caballito Peso for my Mexican type album.
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  4. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Is it a 7070? Those seem to be very expensive for what they are. Would love to have one someday though.
  5. stldanceartist

    stldanceartist Minister of Silly Walks Supporter

    Nice group of coins you picked up - thank you for sharing.

    Makes me long for the days when I had a LCS or two that would let me buy their foreign silver. Slim pickings out here so far, at least as far as world coins go.

    That Caballito triggers my coin regret PTSD - had some really nice ones I picked up a few years back, sold the Caballitos to get my money back and kept the UNC later date 1 Pesos. Still think I did the right thing...but those were some pretty coins.
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  6. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter Supporter! Supporter

    Dansco and Whitman both made equivalents of the 7070 for Mexican Type coins back in the 60s and 70s. However, they didn't sell very well, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one in excellent condition for under $150.
  7. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    I third the love for the Caballito.
    I love that design and have been looking for an affordable one for ages!
    Thanks for sharing. I love old world silver!
  8. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    I feel sad knowing that someday I might not have a B&M LCS to visit every month or so. The pics I took do not do it any justice IMO. There is some really nice blue toning on the edge.
    I have seen them before, but at that price I would rather put that money towards a nice coin and keep the set in flips.
    They can be tough to find for under $100. Before today I was beating myself up for passing on the opportunity to buy two at $60 ea. Just gotta be patient and have the effort for a good deal to come up.
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  9. 7Jags

    7Jags Well-Known Member


    I bought this about 6 months ago and looks better in hand - I'll post in hand pics later today...
  10. stldanceartist

    stldanceartist Minister of Silly Walks Supporter

    I found that Mexican Peso album at a pawn shop in rural Illinois. I think I need to take a road trip soon.

    I do appreciate a few LCS here - one has been good enough to sell me some sets at reasonable prices. But back home I had 20-30 years of history with all the coin shops, and the "special privileges" that come with that type of long term business relationship. There is one LCS here (I don't go there any more) I used to walk in and ask, "Do you have any foreign silver today?" "Nope." No extra response, just awkward silence and stare. Oh well.
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  11. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if it is the one near me. They are less than polite no matter the interaction.
  12. 7Jags

    7Jags Well-Known Member

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