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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Thelivinglady, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Thelivinglady

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    I have several pieces of paper written by a world-renown surgeon in the 1800's. It is my assumption that those scraps of paper identify particular coins that I am trying to research. So far, no luck. Can ANYBODY help me identify what person/ruler these are referring to. They may be of the same person. Something about the 6th seems to be pertinent. Even guesses would be appreciated. 6th Latin note.jpg 6th Len....jpg 6th Len....jpg 6th Len....jpg 6th scarce.jpg 6th scarce.jpg LATIN.jpg 6th scarce.jpg 6th Len....jpg 6th Latin note.jpg 6th Latin note.jpg 6th Len....jpg 6th scarce.jpg LATIN.jpg
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    They clearly refer to William II, the Norman king of Sicily in, what, the mid-later 12th century.
    Haven't gotten any further than that. ...You all, Help us out here!

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  5. seth77

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    1. Sixth series / Lords of Naples and Sicily William II, Norman, called "The Good" King of Sicily (rare) scarce crescent moon with stars and date W (William) reverse RX II (second king)

    2. Sixth series / Lords of Naples and Sicily William II called "The Good" lion's head Arabic/Kuffic legend that says William II King
  6. cmezner

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    I can read:
    6a Serie /Soverani di Napoli, Sicilia (6th Series / Sovereigns from Napoli, Sicily)

    Gucglielmo II normanno detto il Buono, re di Sicilia (Wilhelm II Norman, called the Good, King of Sicily)

    (rara) (rare)

    Mezza luna con stele e cifra (half moon with star and number)

    W (Wilhelmy)

    meyci Rx. II (rex secondry) dont know what meyci means, Rex II (rex secondry)
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  7. cmezner

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    ups, seth77 was faster and better than I ;)
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  8. seth77

    seth77 Well-Known Member

    "meicy" is actually "rovescio" = reverse
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  9. cmezner

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    just for the sake of it:
    6a Serie / Soverani di Sicilia e di Napoli

    Guglielmo II detto il Buono

    Testa di leone

    - Leggenda araba

    - O fria cuffica che

    - Pieza: Guglielmo Se

    - Condo Re.-
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  10. cmezner

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    awesome, that one I could not read
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  11. seth77

    seth77 Well-Known Member

    che spiega = which explains
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  12. seth77

    seth77 Well-Known Member

  13. dougsmit

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    The header ask for help from 'Latin Readers'. Perhaps we should mention that these are not in Latin. Modern Italian names for Roman emperors tend to change to be more Italian sounding while English tends to use the Latin name only occasionally changing the spelling (e.g. Constantine for Constantinus). William was not a Latin name so was more changed when it became the Italian Guglielmo.
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    ...I'm starting to think that everyone here already knew that.
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