Last Day! Oppose State Dept Restrictions on Roman Coins:

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ANAMCurator, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Today, July 14, is the last day to defend coin collector rights under the law.
    Please tell the State Department to end all Roman coin restrictions requested by Italy in their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) renewal. If you wish, comment again...


    I commented yesterday, without elaborate arguments, some research, several key ideas, but mainly expressed my point of view. Copy, edit, revise, elaborate, or write anew, but mainly please comment by end of today.


    “Dear CPAC,

    Please end all restrictions on ancient coins, including ancient Romans coins of ANY type. Restrictions on all ancient Roman coins should be removed from the MOU renewal request by Italy.

    The proposed State Department MOU with the Republic of Italy that imposes restrictions on ancient coins makes no sense, from ANY point of view. Restrictions are counterproductive, discriminates against Americans and unnecessarily burden an already burdened Customs Agency.

    First, millions of ancient Romans coins exist legally in private property Collections in virtually ALL Countries worldwide. Does this Committee actually think restrictions will stop legally exported ancient Roman coins? Does this Committee actually think US Customs Agents should be burdened by the legal import of ancient Roman coins?

    Second, the notion that the Republic of Italy needs American tax dollars to "protect" its heritage is absurd and unreasonable. The Republic of Italy already has stringently controlled laws and prohibits any form of looting, ancient coin metal detecting and cultural artifacts sales within its borders. Americans Collectors of ancient Romans coins poses ZERO threat to Italian heritage.

    Third, the archaeological community has a current notion that the legal trade of the millions of extant Roman coins in private property collections by Americans is somehow disruptive to their endeavors. This notion is preposterous and contradictory. Preposterous because thousands of ancient Roman coins are traded EACH week throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, North & South America and yes, the United States, without harm to heritage. In fact, Italian heritage is fostered, illuminated and enhanced by the legal trade of ancient Roman coins. Contradictory because most archaeological members and scholars are also collectors, with many great Collections sold during the past century.

    Fourth, the United Kingdom recently announced the PAS (portable antiquities scheme) database contains over 300,000 ancient Roman coins recently discovered in Britain. Virtually all of the database Roman coins are in private property collections. Tens of thousands more exist in England, but are not in the database. Why are these coins in private hands? Because the government does not want them, museums don't want them & neither does the country of Italy. Why does the State Department want to restrict the legal import of these Roman coins, which consequently hinders the legal export to the USA by British Citizens?

    Fifth, millions more ancient Roman coins exist legally in private property collections throughout France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and many more Countries. Many Americans have deeply emotional ties and everlasting heritage connections to these Countries. For thousands of Americans, collecting ancient Roman coins from the vast Roman Empire regional expanses offers a connection to our past heritage. Why would the State Department want to deny Americans the legal right to our past heritage? Restrictions on coins deny every American the right to their European heritage.

    Lastly, US Customs is already burdened with much more important lifesaving responsibilities to uphold American law and order. Free trade in ancient Roman coins is legal and fostered by all other countries, except the United States. Please remove restrictions on ancient coins so Customs can focus on the most critical life safety issues facing our country, without wasting any more American tax payer dollars on the worldwide legal trade in ancient coins.

    For these reasons, please end import restrictions on all ancient coins, including all ancient Romans coins, of ANY type.

    Thank you.”
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  3. ancient coin hunter

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    I made my comment last week. It finally showed up in the register. I hope 1,000 comments will be enough for the state department to get the picture and not agree to amendments to the MOU.
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    I submitted a letter/comment. Thank you for the reminder.
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