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    Happy New Year!

    Saturday I received my last Christmas gift which also seems to have been my last acquisition for 2017. This is an exciting piece for me since I now only need the year 2 example to have Gregory XVI annual medals complete in silver. (scan is cropped from the seller's pix). For what it's worth, the medal dates to 1844 (year 14 of Gregory as Pope). References for this piece include: Modesti (Annuale vol 2) 312, Rinaldi 39 and Mazzio 651. The reverse is St James' Hospital .

    This medal has a privately lettered edge which seems quite unusual for the medals I see in the US since I've only encountered one other, a piece of Pius IX. The inscription is: "DONO DI SUA Sa GREGORIO XVI ALL' INGr CHEVILLET LI 24 LUGLIO 1844." Fiddling with Google Translate this seems to mean "Gift of his Holiness Gregory XVI at the (his) arrival CHEVILLET LI July 24, 1844" Is Chevillet Li a personal name - the recipient of the medal perhaps - or something else? Also, my understanding is that the annual medals are/were distributed at the Feast day of SS Peter and Paul or June 29th of each year. The July date in the inscription suggests a later presentation.

    I've reached out to an Italian group for help but wondered if anyone here can also shed light on the inscription or opine on how common edge inscriptions are for papal medals in general. Any help would be appreciated! gregmedalyr14.jpg
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