WTS: Large lot of 140 ‘uncleaned’ ancients

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    Large lot of 140 “uncleaned” ancients (most are uncleaned, about 45 are from an old lot I bought in the early 2000s and cleaned a little with an olive oil soak, water and a brush, but could probably improve with more cleaning; the rest were bought recently from a local dealer who didn’t know what to do with them). Mostly Late Roman Bronze. Some Provincial, some Byzantine, likely some slugs. A few have been identified.


    $100 (That’s less than 75 cents a coin!)

    1st class shipping in the United States is $10 (I’m sending it in a well-padded box to minimize coins rubbing and clinking during travel). Oversees shipping, insurance, or any other desired method of shipping, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

    Paypal only (Friends and Family preferred)
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