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Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Marshall, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Here are two S-116 Large Cents which have recently sold. That variety is currently listed as R5- or about 61-75 known.

    What do you think each coin is worth assuming the photos accurately depict the coins. The one on the left was a Heritage sale and the one on the right was an eBay sale.

    S-116 Obv Heritage-tile.jpg
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  3. SchwaVB57

    SchwaVB57 Well-Known Member

    Nice coins. Too much for my budget.
  4. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Out of my price range but I would say $1200 - $1500 each
  5. 1913nickel

    1913nickel Active Member

    I would love one of those! Lol
  6. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    That is out of my price range too, unless it were a 1799 where I MIGHT extend myself.
  7. SchwaVB57

    SchwaVB57 Well-Known Member

    I agree they would go $1000.00, $1500.00 on a good day!
  8. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I appreciate the comments. I'm feeling pretty good about my purchase of the coin on the right now. I let the one on the left go when it went over my budget. I actually prefer mine since it doesn't have the non environmental damage of the coin on the left, even thought the environmental damage on mine might be a bit worse.
  9. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

  10. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Something isn't right. The date looks like the S-188 and the LIBERTY looks like the S-189. Particularly the spacing of the 9s and the top of the 7 below the top of the 1 like the S-188. But the spacing of the Y more distant from the T as on the S-189.


    This is REVERSE HH of 1798 used on S-187. Definitely not a known 1799. I do give it a 1 in 10,000 chance of being a new unknown variety, but that would require substantial authentication after great scrutiny. It's far more likely to be an altered date. Well done I might add.
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  11. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Exactly. What are the chances a 1799 in this condition is not slabbed. I don't like the color of the planchet either. I'm staying far away.
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  12. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    If an altered date, it has to have been whizzed (burnished) to remove evidence of the chips (Rust) at the brow and the die crack(s) in the right field. This would probably require recoloring.
  13. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Yup it's an S-187. The die break on the reverse from rim to ribbon seals it for me.
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  14. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to steal your thread. Here is an 1800 that I been wanting. The die break should make this a S-207 die state IV. image.png image.png
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  15. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I concur with your attribution. The crack to the top of the right 0 of the denominator confirms reverse Q and the hair below the type 2 curl makes it the obverse 13 instead of the obverse 12 with it's "Bald Spot" there.

    A secondary obverse diagnostic is the Low L almost touching the I on Obverse 13.

    Never hesitate to use this thread for any early date Large Cent. I love it.
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  16. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Speaking of off topic, I just rejoined Early American Coppers and reactivated my membership #1799. This is about the third or fourth time I've done that. I did it several times because moving frequently was part of my job.

    The last time I thought I'd lost the ability to see the coins forever. That's when I sold my collection (about 250 coins) except for a handful of coins where attribution was questionable to potential buyers.

    Fortunately, both situations have now changed.
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  17. Paul M.

    Paul M. Well-Known Member

    Hah, good luck finding a 1799 at that price. :)

    I'd become a life member if that was my membership number. ;)
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  18. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I think the better value is year to year at my age...

    I was once a proud owner of a 1799 in AG for about $2K. But that was right after I'd converted some Gold coins I'd purchased in the late 90s for under $400/oz. to copper when gold prices soared. My net cost was about $800. I've seen several peaks and valleys in commodities and simply use them to my advantage now.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
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  19. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    Good for you. I joined last year and spent this winter reading the back issues of Penny-Wise. It's well worth the price if old coppers are your passion.
  20. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    The listing for the 1799 has been removed from eBay. Thankfully they take this a little more serious nowadays.
  21. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I notified the seller so it could be either the seller or eBay who took it down.


    This is NOT a known 1799. It has the reverse HH of 1798 used on the 1798 S-187. The Obverse is also not either Obverse 1 or Obverse 2 of the 1799s,

    It is most likely an altered 1798 S-187 which has been altered and the obverse whizzed and/or burnished to remove a die break and two chips just right of the eye.

    A very unlikely possibility is a new variety using the Reverse HH of 1798 and a new, previously unknown obverse die.

    You have a good reputation, so I assume you didn't know.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
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