Large Cent Giveaway to a YN or Financially Strapped Collector

Discussion in 'Contests' started by WingedLiberty, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    oops! :eek:
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  3. phdunay

    phdunay Member

    Thank you Mizozuman2!
  4. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    no problem! :) all stories are good!

  5. ozleck77

    ozleck77 Member


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  6. 10gary22

    10gary22 Junior Member

    Although not an entrant myself, I do applaud the contest. It should certainly raise awareness of Large Cent collections or at least cons necessary for a complete type set. I had a haitus in collecting between 1968 until 2009. Mainly restarted to dispose of my things so the burden would not fall on other family members. Still am organizing and acquiring. It is an enjoyabe pasttime that returns for the effort you put in to it.

    While roll searching, I have been lucky enough to find some really rare modern specimens.

    I truly enjoy trading more than anything else. Hoping the person getting my item will appreciate it and waiting like a kid at Xmas to see what I get in return. I think it's one of the best hobbies a person can have.

  7. AWalker14

    AWalker14 New Member

    What about me i have 12 votes.
  8. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    O.O man, i'm bad at counting votes...
  9. AWalker14

    AWalker14 New Member

    so am I, I actually have 13
  10. pennycrazed

    pennycrazed New Member

    I am new to collecting, My grandmother gave me a bag of foreign coins, and I looked through them, found a couple items of interest and thought it was very cool that each coin from each country is different than the other. I just took an interest last week, I would liike to have this coin because I am interested in the many different coins and don't have that pattern. I want to add it to my collection to cherish forever.
  11. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    lol that's great!
  12. BigBM

    BigBM New Member

    Such an intense contest...
  13. BarberNut

    BarberNut New Member

    I started with one wheat penny I found in my change, asked my dad why it is different, and he pulled his collection out. I didn't know he collected coins! My dad gave me a couple coins out of his collection one of which was a barber quarter dated 1911. I am a gun enthusiast too, so I really loved it because it reminds me of the Colt model 1911. I have created a set of 1911 coins, and now am addicted to barber quarters halves and dimes. I would kindly like this penny because I think it would be a great addition to my sparse collection.
  14. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

    That's because you're making dumbie accounts and "liking" your own thread response. "poo" and "poo1"?... These accounts are two of many blank slates you've created. Am I the only one who's noticed? It's unfortunate we don't have a few honest people left in society. You'll receive much more respect if you're a man of your word. :( WingedLiberty, I think you need to reiterate the rules of the contest for AWalker14 here :confused:.

  15. rickyh211

    rickyh211 Member

    Highlighted are his accounts. a cheater!.PNG Trust me. I clicked em all and they just joined and never posted.
  16. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

    This goes for you as well Cazkaboom... :rollling:
  17. rickyh211

    rickyh211 Member

    Awalker should be banned from the site.
  18. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

    Thanks for understanding, rickyh. Mind checking Cazkaboom's as well? Gosh... The things people do to make a quick buck (or in this case, cent... large cent. ;) )

  19. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty Well-Known Member

    I will try to sort out any shenanigans going on with the dummy accounts.

    Geez try to do something nice and all heck breaks loose!

    Certainly creating a bunch of dummy accounts and liking yourself will not win this coin, sorry to those that tried this tact.

    Let's try to keep with the spirit of this contest.
  20. rickyh211

    rickyh211 Member

    I'm a 20 mercury dime contest and I got 10 in 1 day Fairly. Seems as they got 10 in a day unfairly. People are crazy.
  21. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

    Just figured I should let you and others know. I had my suspicions when initially seeing the rules for the contest that people would be making dummy accounts, and it turns out my suspicions were correct. I was really hoping I'd be wrong on this one... :( Sorry for all of the dishonesty when you're trying to be a generous person, WL.

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