Large Cent Giveaway to a YN or Financially Strapped Collector

Discussion in 'Contests' started by WingedLiberty, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty The Color of Money

    I have a 1856 (Slanted 5) Braided Hair Large Cent that is slabbed PCGS Genuine (Questionable Color) that I would like to give away (free shipping too) to a deserving young numismatist or an enthusiatic but financially strapped collector.

    The coin appears to me to have Uncirculated or at least high AU details and has a very eye pleasing dark brown (with hints of green, esp on the reverse) look to it.

    A really pretty 155 year old piece of history for free!

    To win the contest, simply post your story. Some ideas ...

    - how you got started in coins and/or
    - why you like collecting and/or
    - why you would like to have this coin

    The winner will be selected by the member in this thread with the most "LIKES" attached to their their posts after 1 week (5 pm EST Monday, Nov. 21st, 2011). If a poster posts more than once and recieves likes in multiple posts, I will add up the likes. Also if there is a tie, the first person to have posted amongst the tied entrants wins.

    Post your story, and hope that other CT members give you "likes". (BTW, likes on non entry posts wont be counted)

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  3. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    so we are supposed to post about how we got started if i'm correct?

  4. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty The Color of Money

    post whatever moves you!

    you can just say, "i want it" if you want to
  5. Shoewrecky

    Shoewrecky Coin Hoarder

    to add to that, I think you should restrict it to a member who has a minimum of 25 posts, has been on the forum for at least 6 months etc.. This way you wont get lirkers creating an account just to win a coin.

    On top of that you should have them PM you the response and you post it on this thread without the members name on here..

    Love that coin btw!
  6. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    Well, i'm 14. and i am on here a lot, so it wouldn't be fair to me, or some other people that are on here too.

  7. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty The Color of Money

    Shoe, thanks for the feedback ... i just wanted to give something away. I dont think i want to restrict it. I am hoping that others "like" the posts of the member they think most deserving. so I am basically letting other CT members decide the winner.

    Yes, It's a very nice looking coin in hand. I think NGC would grade it.

    Mizo, you have 1 vote from me .. already there's an early leader!
  8. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    :D well then, looks like i need to get going on my writing!

  9. phdunay

    phdunay Member

    A little over two years ago, I got a Roosevelt dime folder on eBay, I already had an almost filled 50 state quarter album, but only because my dad kept giving me the quarters to put in it. He did not collect coins in any way. Once I went through all my pocket change, taking out all the dimes and putting them in the folder, I searched my dads car and his change. I had officially caught the bug then. Once I was out of dimes to put in the folder, I went and bought more folders, and I also bought coins on eBay that I could resell for profit and also mixed random lots as fun gambles. Now I collect sets and have Danscos for the folders I once had, I am working on a set of peace dollars and proof silver eagles on the side, along with every other coin I can get.
  10. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    Great contest. That's a beauty!
  11. Shoewrecky

    Shoewrecky Coin Hoarder

    Well unfortunately Life is not fair. I hate to sound like a jerk though you need to hear the truth. It's not that I am trying to disclude you from the contest, I am here to help the OP out so that he is not taken advantage of by someone else. Think about it, you don't know me from Adam and I can tell you that I am a YN too but in reality I am not. What if I won the coin? How would you feel? This is the internet and we have to take safety precautions..that is all :)
  12. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    i agree with you, life isn't fair, and people lie about many things. it's a trust thing, i trust people as much as they trust me.

    P.S, you didn't sound like a jerk at all, you were stating a point, and held your ground on it.
  13. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    You are right, but when you start to put conditions, exceptions and special circumstances on something, you end up with the Internal Revenue Tax Code. I honestly think that the IRS started out with good intentions also. In no way could I be considered a "young numismatist" and do not intend to post to this, but I will read it. Sometimes we have to depend on the honesty and good will of our fellow man. We might get @##%$ sometimes, but if we don't try, we diminish ourselves. My only thought is that Wing will have to keep track of the likes the member had to start with to see how many they gain.
  14. changeopace

    changeopace New Member

    I just signed up on this site yesterday and am learning a lot.

    My seeking out a site about coin identification/worth was of course to educate myself on what I have collected thus far, but I faced the possible need to have to sell a recent coin I purchased while on my 15th wedding anniversary weekend getaway to Branson, Missouri.

    Yesterday I had my grocery budget for the week taken out of my purse while shopping. I pretty much had a flashing neon sign on my cart that said take my money, as I didn't have my wallet zipped up in my purse. I went for my list, coupons, and pen. Leaving my purse wide open and stepping away from my cart to compare prices it was stolen. I didn't realize it until I was in the check out line.

    My daughter has a dentist appointment today for which I had no money to pay the Dr. I have a wonderful husband who provides for me and our four children. We don't starve by no means but like so many others there is more month than money.

    I start brainstorming what to do, who to ask for help, what could I sell??? She is a Senior and Sr. pictures are fast approaching. She was blessed with perfectly straight teeth. She had ran into a friend and was hit in the mouth by their bottle of soda leaving a huge chip in both her front teeth. Rescheduling was not an option.

    I obtained a payday loan this morning so the immediate drama has subsided and the world has not stopped spinning so I was blessed (with an outrageous interest rate) Hehe :)

    The memories of my youth were unfortunately constantly chaotic. Avoiding the dramatics and making a long story short, My parents both came from mentally ill, uneducated, abusive, and very poor backgrounds. They did what any damaged souls do, seek out refuge from the storm.

    They dropped out of school, married as teens, and brought 3 little girls into their union. After the fantasy of what they'd anticipated their lives would be like became a reality neither were remotely equipped to cope. The violent cycle of abuse had been passed onto yet another generation.

    I suffer with mental illness, as well as a learning disability. I by no means feel sorry for myself, nor seek sympathy. I only hope for respect and acceptance. I tend to be very obsessive compulsive and find it a blessing with obstacles. In my opinion, it makes all of my hobbies much more fulfilling.
    On the other hand I have purchased things that have not been authentic.

    It happens to everyone I'm sure, but of all places to be a mom and pop coin shop that has been in business for nearly a decade in Branson really hurt.

    I purchased an Indian head 1851 Silver Dollar. I was told it was a great addition to my collection and she would make me a great deal. I had no idea it was not real currency until I read the post on this site last nite. I was just ill as I read the posts.

    My great grandmother was 1/4 Cherokee. Our family land located directly 2 miles from the Kansas/Oklahoma state line has been in our family since 1865. She was born in Watonga, Oklahoma. Keeping her heritage alive by taking by father to pow wows at every opportunity! The family land was willed to him when she passed away helping soften and heal his soul. On the deed it stated "Purchased for 1$ and unconditional love" He has filled the pasture with cattle, buffalo, and it is such a treasure to know he has peace there.

    My father fully embraces his heritage and when he was in between the vicious cycles of mental illness and alcoholism he found comfort in showing me the old metal tackle box filled with buffalo nickles, Indian head pennies, and wheat pennies. all were kept in perfect condition.

    My parents divorced when I was 14. It was utterly disgusting what my mother did to hurt my father out of bitter spite. All of the things passed down from generations to my him were sold or burned by her. I have no idea the monetary worth of his coin collection but the rare peaceful moments I experienced with my daddy being a daddy are priceless memories

    I gave really no thought of collecting coins until i was in my late 30's and came across a 20 cent piece from Canada. All of the sudden I was brought back to those memories of my dad having shared his collection with me, I was hooked.

    What fun and i am grateful for good honest folks that can guide beginners like me.
  15. kydedhed

    kydedhed Member

    does it help that i am a newlywed that is in the process of saving money to get a vesectomy reversed so i can start a family and that i would love to start a 19th c type set, excluding gold coins?
  16. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    can i like things?
  17. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

    I started collecting when my grandparents went through their attic. My grandma traveled, and still travels for a living. She gets coins from everywhere she can, so that she can have proof that she has been to those countries. Well, when we went through their attic, we found a small box of coins, and my grandma said I could have them if I wanted them. The box was probably the size of a football and was barely filled with coins, the rest was some old things from the countries. I got to keep all of the coins, and my grandma used the rest as decorations. That is how I started my coin collecting. :)

  18. WingedLiberty

    WingedLiberty The Color of Money

    contestants are allowed to like other contestants

    that might be the strongest like there is!
  19. mizozuman2

    mizozuman2 that random guy

  20. collectingkid

    collectingkid Copper Collector

    Well here I go:

    I went to barnes and nobles to pick out a book by Agatha Christie in June of this year. My mom dropped me off and I was looking for the section of mystery books, but I couldn't find it. Going past the collectibles section I saw different folders for different coins, so I grabbed them looked through them and decided to leave and not consider this as a hobby. Later I couldn't help my self after picking up the book I wanted I returned to the collectibles section and decided to go with the state quarters. Later that evening I was on the computer learning everything I could about collecting. I remember I found a wheat penny while metal detecting and decided to research them. I later found out about the Indian Head Cent and I fell in love. I bought my first IHC for 1.25 and that was my favorite at the time.

    I like collecting coins because not only it gives me lots of interesting facts that I can share with people, but it makes me have history in my hands.

    I would like to win this contest because I joined the EAC, and I will be collecting large cents and this would be a great first coin.

    Thanks for the contest!

  21. rev1774

    rev1774 Well-Known Member

    Now that is indeed a beauty... I think it would grade as well... Great contest and great prize.. While I am a semi-strapped collector, I will not enter this one and hope some younger collector picks this one up as it would be a great way to start a copper collection.

    I have gotten a new appreciation for some of these early coppers thanks to some here!!
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