Labeling square QUADRUM INTERCEPT coin capsules

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by KeyHunter, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Quadrum Encap.JPG quadrum snaptites2.JPG Winter work slowdown starts so I now have time again to refocus repackaging my Proof quarter collection in QUADRUM INTERCEPT coin capsules in Encap snap binder pages.. I'm wondering how others using this system label their coin squares re date etc...vs an alternate labeling the facing page instead (time consuming). Any ideas and suggestions are welcome![​IMG]
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  3. expat

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    I think the labels on the facing page are most adequate as they are, and I would write in pencil in case you change some. If you start stickering the capsule holders you have to be very wary about the adhesive of the stickers off-gassing and it causing some ugly toning to start on your coins. JMO
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  4. gronnh20

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    Maybe a plastic overlay sheet with labels. They should have left a strip in between rows where you could slide a paper label in. Like the plastic slides in albums except for labeling.
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