L. Lucretius Trio AR Denarius with gold toning

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by willkerrs, May 17, 2018.

  1. willkerrs

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    Possibly my favourite Denarius: L. Lucretius Trio AR Denarius, 74 BC. (Crawford 390/1; RSC Lucretia 2)

    Obverse: Radiate head of Sol.
    Reverse: Crescent moon surrounded by seven stars (these seven stars were known as the constellation Triones, chosen as a pun on the moneyer's name!), TRIO above, L•LVCRETI below.

    My one is 3.89g, 19mm, 5h. Note also the golden highlights, especially on the reverse, which I've tried to show. Also, both sides, especially the obverse, show signs of what I think are the beginnings of a cabinet patina.

    lucreti denarius 1.jpg
    lucreti denarius 2.jpg
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  3. kevin McGonigal

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    I have one of these but in a condition nowhere near yours. It looks just like it did when the moneyer removed it from the die. What a work of beauty.
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  4. willkerrs

    willkerrs Active Member

    I fell in love with this coin as soon as I saw it - I really just had to have it.

    As a side note, P. Clodius M.f. Turrinus minted a very similar denarius in 42 BC (Crawford 494/21, Sydenham 1115), but with only five stars. I've read that this particular coin:
    "refers to the solar eclipse of 50 BC, which was seen across the Republic. This coin commemorates the solar eclipse of 50 BC as the official start of the Roman Empire. The five stars may represent the years since the death of Pompey (died 48 BC). Roman mints in 42 BC would mint coins in favour of Julius Caesar." (source: http://www.romaneclipse.com/single-...-MF-Turrinus-Rome-Mint-42-BC-Eclipse-of-50-BC)

    That sounds like a very liberal interpretation of the coin to me. I mean, I've read some somewhat questionable interpretations, but this one sounds dubious.
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