L. J. Bursio Denarius and Civil War

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    The Bursio denarius was my first Republic coin. I got the first one at G&M in Munich a couple years ago, and picked up a second (without thinking I already had one) locally from the coin guy at the flohmarkt. Happy though, as the second coin has an owl mint mark, and a bit better detail. There are about 450 different control marks for these coins listed in a paper by Ruyter. There are also differences between the size of the head, trident, berries on the wreath, and how the tunic is presented amongst the different types. I seem to have a large head and small head variety.
    Roman Republic. L. Julius Bursio, Rome, 85 BC
    AR Denarius, 3.68g (19mm)
    Obv. Male head to right, with attributes of Apollo, Mercury and Neptune; Owl? (control symbol) behind trident
    Rev. Victory driving quadriga to right, holding reins and wreath
    Crawf. 352/1a, Syd. 728

    Here is the version from G&M with the smaller head.

    This coin was minted at the height of turmoil in the republic and the civil war between Marian faction (Cinna) and Sulla, who was in the east fighting Mithredites (and dealing with another Roman army sent to replace/defeat Sulla in the Mithreditic War.

    In 85BC when this coin was minted, Marius had died the year before and Cinna (Caesar's father-in-law) was Consul and continuing to purge Sulla supporters in Rome. The other consular army sent to replace Sulla in the east led by Flaccus killed their consul and was now led by Fimbria, who was not keen to face Sulla, but also did not join with him. Faced with two Roman armies, Mithradites made peace with Sulla, who then advanced on Fimbria. The army deserted Fimbria, who then committed suicide. Sulla then spent time settling affairs and stabilizing the east in preparation for his eventual march on Rome and becoming dictator.
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    I inherited several Roman coins from my grandfather when
    I was 10. Amongst the coins there was a Bursio coin. In fact
    it was the coin in best condition. No pics, it's buried in one of
    my SDB's. Here is a recent sale of 100+ Bursio coins. I would
    have placed a bid for the entire lot, but ROMA didn't to deal
    with that. Oh well. Here's the link.
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    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    RR Julius Bursio 85 BCE AR Den Male head, with the attributes of Apollo, Mercury and Neptune control symbol EAR behind-Quadriga S 268 Cr 352-1a
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    ROMAN REPUBLICAN. L. Julius Bursio. 85 B.C. AR denarius. 3.74 gm. 19 mm. Rome mint. Laureate, winged, and draped bust of Apollo Vejovis right; trident and grasshopper (control mark) behind / Victory, holding wreath and reins, driving galloping quadriga right; L IVLI BVRSIO in exergue. Crawford 352/1a. Sydenham 728. RSC Julia 5.

    Ex. Davissons
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