Korea's Hwadong is AGAIN an official submission center

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    South Korea's main numismatic auction business is again a submission center for NGC, NCS, PMG and now also includes CSG and CGC Trading Cards submission.

    The business is Poongsan Hwadong, or "Hwadong" for short, which was their original name before they partnered with Poongsan, which is Korea's largest metal refiner and the world's largest supplier of coining blanks today.

    Hwadong was once an NGC official submission center back in the 2010s but lost that status somehow. I never really did figure that out.

    Nor am I really sure how they are now again a submission center, but my guess is that Poongsan, with its greater resources, made an investment to bring the "Official Submission Center" status back to Hwadong.

    By the way, Hwadong is the official distributor of my book in Korea, and the President of the company, J.C. Lee, showed up to my money talk on Korean coins at the ANA Show.
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