Korean Coin/Charm, "Two Children" front, "Happiness" reverse..

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by JackieMagack, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. JackieMagack

    JackieMagack New Member

    GEDC2143.jpg GEDC2145.jpg I had this posted on another coin forum, someone posted and said it was trade coin from Korea with Chinese markings that signified the big dipper on the reverse, does any one have one of these? Or ever seen this variation? I have seen different variations in the 2011 Korean Coins and Banknotes catalogue but as far as this one is concerned it was never shown.
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  3. jlblonde

    jlblonde Señor Member

    Can't say I have, very interesting piece though. I sure would like to know more about it myself.
  4. JackieMagack

    JackieMagack New Member

    me too, i figured you would know, i mean you knew all the others.. maybe someone else in these parts could tell us.. On the website coin forums .net, one guy said it could be worth 300+, good trade for two Frisbee disc's..
  5. manymore

    manymore Chinese Charms

    I'm not sure what additional information you are looking for.

    I provided an explanation of the symbols on this charm in this thread right here on Coin Talk.

    Unlike coins, most charms were not produced by official mints. They tend to be cultural artifacts produced by common folk and therefore are not well-documented and frequently not found in catalogues.

    I do not have the 2011 version of the "Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue". However, your charm appears to be similar, if not identical, to one on page 85 of the 2009 version of the catalogue identified as "9-4 MAN 1.4".

  6. JackieMagack

    JackieMagack New Member

    thanks Gary, it was this site lol, sorry about that, on the bright side atleast the picture's are much clearer..
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