Korea 5 Yang coin

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Philip88, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Philip88

    Philip88 New Member

    Hello, I am seeking help in figuring out if this 5 Yang silver coin is authentic. Actually, I have two of these coins. Both have a pin attached to the backs. Thanks.


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  3. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Have you weighed? Tried them against a magnet?
    Where did you get them?
  4. Mike185

    Mike185 Well-Known Member

    You would be better off posting in wold coins. I don’t believe it is silver at all. If it was authentic it is damage
  5. ewomack

    ewomack 魚の下着

    They match the entry in the JNDA (the Catalog of Japanese Coins and Bank Notes, an all Japanese guide) for a Japanese Occupied Territories coin from Korea. The 5 Yang was minted in 1892 and the catalog says that it was made of silver (26.96g). I can't speak to those particular coins' authenticity, but there was a coin with that identical design minted by Japan for occupied Korea. I don't see any reason to think that they are fake, but it's often hard to tell from pictures alone. You can try weighing them. They should weigh somewhere around 26.96g.

    You can also compare the coin to the specifications on this page: https://en.ucoin.net/coin/korea-5-yang-1892/?tid=87123
    It does say the edge was smooth, but perhaps variations existed. If the size and weight are both off, they're probably reproductions. Remember that the pin may add some additional grams.

    Another page, from NGC.
    Page from Numista France (in French).
    Page with auction details.

    Assuming that they're real, the pins on the back probably cut down on their value quite a bit, unfortunately. They're very nice coins in any case. I've seen some sale prices for the coin that vary greatly, some for $1,000 - $3,000, but I wouldn't get too excited because these could be rare varieties. In any case, it might be worth having them authenticated.
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  6. Philip88

    Philip88 New Member

    I bought these from a local estate. They are not magnetic, not even the pin. They weigh 27.6 grams each.
  7. Philip88

    Philip88 New Member

    They are not magnetic. I agree that the pins devalue them.
  8. Philip88

    Philip88 New Member

    Thank you for the info. One weighs 27.6 grams. I will have to do more research.
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