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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by dadams, Oct 15, 2019.

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    I scored this one out of FSR Auction 109 and have just gotten around to checking it out a bit more thoroughly.
    Frank S Robinson Auction 109 (16 June 2019) Lot 118 Description:
    Napad, 1st cent AD, Obol, bust in tiara l., dot in crescent in front/Diademed bust l, Alr.614var;
    EF, rev sl off-ctr, but sharply struck with lgnd fairly clear, portraits strongly detailed.
    Good metal, deeply toned. RARE variety with crescent & dot.

    I've not made my way towards verifying any of the information cited by Frank (save for measuring it at 11mm with a weight of 0.7g), but rather have started with the paper envelope the coin came in:
    I was finally able to decipher the handwriting as Peus in reference to the firm Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger and 4/00 being the date April 2000. This information has led me to @Valentinian 's informational pages on
    Parthian Catalogs where he cites:
    So mostly I'm curious if anyone has Peus catalogue 363 and, if so, is the aforementioned coin listed. I'd be happy to buy the catalogue, but haven't yet found one for sale.

    Any further info greatly appreciated and as always pile on!

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  3. Valentinian

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    I have Peus 363. That coin is not in it, although that auction had an extensive collection of coins of Persis and it can serve as a reference work for them. Maybe that is why it is on the flip. Some coin in it are similar, but none so close I would say they are of that type.

    I have this one:

    which is quite similar. 10 mm. 0.61 grams.
    Persis. Kaput = Nampad = Napad (various renditions of the same name)
    First century.
    Sear Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values 5954.
    Alram Iranisches Personennamembuch #614 of Napad is close, but, somewhat different. In my experience, most coins from Persis differ from each other so much that it is hard to say what defines one type and none of the books come close to illustrating them all.
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  4. Alegandron

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    Nice rare pickup, @dadams . Great details on both obv and rev.

    This is the only Kingdom of Persis that I have. I, too, captured mine from Frank, but some time ago.

    PERSIS Darius I 2nd C BCE Obol King’s hd r in satrapal head-dress topped by eagle SCARCE - Fire altar S6200 o-r
  5. Glen Lindwall

    Glen Lindwall New Member

    As a Persis fan I just ran into this posting which I had missed before. I have a coin like the obol at the beginning of the post:
    My references for this coin are: Alram 614 var (pellet in crescent); Klose & Müseler 4/50 var; Sunrise 643 (same dies); BMC Arabia pg. 236, 31 var; Tyler-Smith 204
    My coin is 0.62g and 10 mm
    The pellet in crescent is an occasional symbol on Persis coins. I assume it had some meaning.
    [I Hope I'm not posting twice; my first attempt seemed to vanish]
  6. Glen Lindwall

    Glen Lindwall New Member

    Hmm, let me try again with that image.
  7. Glen Lindwall

    Glen Lindwall New Member

    Napad obol.jpg
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