WTS: KEY: 1877 Indian Cent PR-65 Monster Toned

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    Indian Cents did very well that night, wow! Shattered the old "comps" on Heritage. Thank you to everyone who was bidding and congrats to the winner if he or she reads this!

    Hello all!
    Yes....you read the title correctly, this is a great opportunity for you to own the holy grail of Indian Cents in superb condition with stunning toning! This is not a piece often seen with eye-appealing color; and the ones that do exist aren't leaving the hands of their current owners anytime soon. It is perfect for a TOP-quality Type Set!

    I sent the coin into Heritage right before the auction deadline...sadly I think it really needed to be re-holdered for a better photo (due to a few scratches). And it would have been a perfect candidate for CAC....but guess what? I never sent it to them either. My laziness and procrastination may benefit any of you looking to flip it too. The photos on Heritage could have been a lot better if those things were done....but again, that is my fault for the late submission.
    Auction ends soon! It's in Dallas at the ANA show..... http://coins.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=51 793 794 791 1577 792 2088 4294948628 4294966668&type=friend-consignorlive-notice

    Here are some pics from me:
    DSC_0012boarder-horz-refle.jpg DSC_0014border-horzreflec.jpg DSC_0030s.JPG DSC_0026.JPG
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