Kennedy Halves (Sub)set Completed

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by John Johnson, Dec 17, 2021.

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    I have always liked Kennedy Half Dollars. When I first started collecting as a kid, they were my first 'step up' from wheat cents. So I did want to complete a set, but not the entire set. Rather, I decided to put together a set of the 1964-1970 Kennedy Halves, because of their silver content (of course).

    When I put together slabbed sets, I like them to be in the same slab so the end result looks like a set that I think belongs together. I last completed a set of PCGS slabbed Peace Dollars, so this time I thought I'd go with ICG. I think I made two mistakes here. First, I believe ICG overgrades their coins; I didn't know that before I started. Second, there are not as many ICG slabbed coins out there as PCGS, so what I thought would be a simple set to complete became a challenge. The end result is some of the coins are not slabbed the same as the others. But I wanted to be done and move on to something else...

    My photography skills are improving, I think, and I really believe these would have been much better if I had done them one coin at a time, but I got lazy and these images are the results. I promise I will get better.

    I spent just over $400 completing this set. I overpaid for a few of them, I know, but just a few, I think.

    1964to1964D.jpg 1965to1966SMS.jpg 1965to1966SMS.jpg 1967to1968S.jpg 1969Dto1970S.jpg
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    That does make a darn good looking set. I always thought the Kennedy half was a very inspired design.... I am like you. I want my sets to be slabbed by the same TPG. I finally caved on that, but it makes the OCD side of my brain go nuts.
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