KEEPING: Dan Carr 1913-2013 Indian / Bison Nickel Centennial

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    Folks, I know you’ve done this before, right? You are surfing multiple “fur sale” listings on eBay. You’ve got your eye on a couple or three items. You put in your bids . . . . you get OUTBID . . . . . you put in another bid on one or two items that you really want, letting the others go by the wayside . . . . . .

    You wake up the morning . . . . . SUCCESS! You were HIGH BIDDER, but on two identical items with similar photos and text, it might even be from the SAME SELLER.

    You’ve all done this, right?

    Well, I did . . . . . . .

    So now I offer up ONE of my winnings For Sale or For Trade.

    You can be the new owner of this 1913-2013 Indian / Bison Nickel Centennial Silver Round. If you are collecting the 1916-2016 Liberty Centennial Silver Rounds, you need this to round out your collection.

    It is a 40mm, 1 troy oz. .999 Silver Daniel Carr creation. I will sell this for $90 shipped, OR I am open to a trade for another 1 troy oz. Daniel Carr piece. I’m not sure which one it is, but I’ll know it when I see it.

    I am partial to most of the proof like Sitting Liberty UNA pieces, most all of the Clark Gruber Silver, especially if it has an Owl on it, and I do like the Capped Bust Liberty like Dan used for his 2014 MMOH over strikes. I have thought about starting to collect his 2015 1Ag Trade Unit series, so I am open to those as well.

    If you look on fleaBay, you will see that my sale price is on the lower end of the asking prices, and I include shipping. I CAN add a bit of cash for just the right piece in trade, if the need be.

    So PM me with what you’ve got.






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