Keeping and filling out an inherited IHC album. Part # 8: Cents from 1886 - 1889

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    We're now at the stage in the album where there were far more holes than there were coins. The 1887 and '89 were already filled in. The '86 and '88 were empty, so I filled them in.

    From here on out, I'm going to copy and paste the beginning of the opening thread about this Whitman album on every following thread, so that those of you have not read the opening post know what this is about. After that, I'll post the IHC coins that are listed in the title of that given thread.

    BTW, all these coins were imaged BEFORE I had gotten some verdicare to get rid of the verdigris on the coins.

    --- Copied Opening Part ---

    About 35 years ago I inherited from my paternal grandparents a partially filled IHC Whitman album. Most of the coins were in the lower to mid circulated range. While I have always enjoyed IHC's they were not a series that I collected at that point in time.

    Around 10 years ago, I got much more into doing albums, and decided to complete the IHC album. In a few cases I also upgraded a slot or two. Interestingly enough, the earlier dates were all filled in, while the latter more common dates were not. The first empty slot was 1876, and the next one was 1884. After 1884, empty slots became common.

    In order to keep the guts of the collection true to my grandparents collecting, I bought a ~ VG 1876 for the hole, and did not upgrade any coin until the year 1880. From that date forward the coins I bought, for the most part, tended to be high grade sliders to MS64. I'LL POST THE WHOLE ALBUM OVER TIME. For those of you who are coin snobs you might want to wait until 1880 and the latter date coins come rolling around. You'll probably have seen some of these coins, as, over time, I've posted some of them as one offs. In all cases the images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.

    --- Finished Copy ---

    Here are the IHC from 1886 - 1889. The '87 and '89 were originally in the album. The '86 and '88 slots in the album were empty, so I purchased these two coins.


    Originally in album


    Originally in album
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    The '88 is a handsome coin.
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    1886 is a type 1 obv.1 snow 9 rpd.
    1888 ia a variety 47 a obv. 49 rev. AV.2
    1889 is a snow 3
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  6. Skyman

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    Thank you Very Much Paddy for your advice (on this and on previous posts) on what the assorted varieties are, I REALLY appreciate it!!!
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    Any time Sky just ask... your very welcome
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