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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by medoraman, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Not a problem. It's funny how we use acronyms in various professions and they only mean something to those who deal with them constantly. I was military for 33 years and if you've ever been around the military for any length of time, you know how much we use acronyms. It took me a while to stop using them once I retired into civilian life.
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    I was with UPS for thirty and we used a lot of acronyms too, LOL........
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    I was just thinking of eBay when I came across this thread. I was doing some idle browsing for old Swiss coins, and I noticed that even the coins in not great condition - no luster, a little worn etc. - were either priced insanely high for their true worth or were bid up to a really high price. Is there something special about Swiss francs from the 50s and 60s aside from their silver content that's making them especially attractive?
  5. medoraman

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    Not particularly. I am at the point that I try to buy first from coin shows if world coins or bullion, or specialty auctions ir ancient, first. Its really surprising how much cheaper these sources are than Ebay nowadays. I buy on Ebay if I have specialty knowledge in something, and even then lose 90% of what I bid on.

    That's ok though. The one truth in life I have learned in this hobby is: There is always anothrr coin. Remember that, and coins you miss out on don't hurt so bad.
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