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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by panzerman, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Delighted to have gotten this/ Ionia/ struck 625BC
    EL Myshemihekte (1/24 Stater) ND Unknown Mint/ City State

    Obverse: Floral Design/ Fleur de Lys?
    Reverse: Incuse Square

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  3. Ryro

    Ryro They call me the 13th Caesar Supporter

    What a beautiful coin with an amazing design:artist:
    I love the mystery of not knowing. I might guess it's a stylized facing bird?
    Here's an oldie of mine that I don't think I'll ever fully understand where it's from and what's on the obverse:
    Mysia. Kyzikos (?) Uncertain. Tetartemorion (Circa 5th century BC).
    Obv: Crescents in triangular arrangement; pellet in one and between two. Shield (?)
    Rev: Head of roaring lion left within incuse square.
    Condition: Good very fine.
    Weight: 0.09 g.
    Diameter: 6 mm.
    Ex: Savoca

    And this lesbos coin sure doesn't look like eyes nor grains to me. Those lesbians always confuse me:troll:
    LESBOS. Uncertain. BI 1/36 Stater (Circa 500-450 BC).
    Obv: Two eyes or grain ears (shields??)
    Rev: Quadripartite incuse square (swastika-shaped).
    SNG Copenhagen 292; HGC 6, 1074.
    Condition: very fine.
    Weight: 0.26 g.
    Diameter: 3 mm.
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  4. svessien

    svessien Senior Member Supporter

    Congrats on yet another amazing gold coin, John!

    I got some coins too, but not in the same class. I did however finally get a «persecution series» coin. Which was about time.

    Anonymous Ae Unit (310-313). Antioch. "Persecution" Series.

    Obverse: GENIO ANTIOCHENI. Tyche seated facing on rock pile; river-god Orontes below.
    Reverse: APOLLONI SANCTO / ς / SMA.
    Reference: McAlee 170c; Vagi 2954.

    Realizing that the postage cost would be 50% of the coins value (DUH, what an amateur), I went into bottom feeding mode and picked up two French medieval coins that no one else wanted.


    France, Provence. Charles II d’Anjou (1285-1309). Double Denier Coronat.

    Obverse: + K S IhR CICIL REX. Crowned bust left.
    Reverse: + COMES PROVINCIE. Cross.

    Reference: Boudeau 828; Duplessy 1635.

    Diameter: 22 mm. Weight: 1.37 g. Condition: Near very fine.


    France, Provence. Robert of Anjou (1309-1343). Carlin.

    Obverse: + ROBЄRTUS DЄI GRA IЄRL ЄT SICIL RЄX. Robert seated facing on leonine throne, holding lis-tipped sceptre and orb.
    Reverse: + ҺOҺOR RЄGIS IUDICIU DILIGIT. Cross fleurée, with lis in each angle.
    Reference: Duplessey 1446; Boudeau 832.
    Diameter: 26 mm. Weight: 3.69 g. Condition: Very fine.

    I actually like them both. I now have a collection of 16 European coins from the era. It may well grow.
  5. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ryro/svessien:) !

    Ryro: Your Kyzikos/ Lesbos coins are beautifull!
    svessien: congrats on your fine 3 pickups! Always nice when no other bidders are interested. Happened to me with that rare Merovingian AV Triens/ Theuberte II
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  6. Quant.Geek

    Quant.Geek Well-Known Member

    That is definitely a lovely coin! Going to have to start calling you Midas, with the golden touch :). The recent NN went towards the ridiculous route for some of the Bulgarian and Byzantine coins, struck out on all my targets except for two lots that was more impulse than targeted...
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  7. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    You are correct, prices realized in the past 9 month period are summed up in one word......scary. I won a Holy Roman Empire FDC AV Dukat 1633 K-B Hungary/ Ferdinand II for 3400 euros in Polish Auction 2016. A slightly less perfect ex. went for 13.5K Euros in 2020:eek:/ Slovak auction. If these trends keep up, the hobby will be the domain of the one percent only:(. Here is mine. 9abd7c4941789df2c02b4a9a4f13febb.jpg
  8. Quant.Geek

    Quant.Geek Well-Known Member

    I bought a Bulgarian Trachy on ebay for about $40 with a really nice strike, but not the most perfect flan. It was an addendum to an existing trachy that I had that wasn't struck that well. That one I bought for about $200 several years ago. A similar one went for 1,400EUR on NN today :wideyed:. Even the crappy Bulgarian coins went for astronomical prices...

    Second Bulgarian Empire: Ivan II Asen (1218-1241) Æ Trachy, Ochrida? (Raduchev & Zhekov 1.2.2; Youroukova & Penchev-35,36; Dobrinić & Dimnik 2.2.1; DOC IV.2; Lianta 478)
    Obv: IC XC in field; Bust of Christ, beardless and nimbate, wearing tunic and kolobion; holds Gospels in left hand, pellets, normally ⁙, in each limb of nimbus cross
    Rev: IШ ACѢNЪ Ц CTATЪI ΔHMHTPIЄ, in two columnar groups; Full-length figure of Ivan II on left, and of St. Demetrius, beardless and nimbate, holding between them long shaft surmounted by star, Ivan II wears stemma, divitision, and paneled chlamys; holds scepter cruciger in right hand, Saint wears short military tunic, breastplate, and sagion; holds sword, point downward, in left hand
    Dim: 2.06 g, 27 mm

    My Ebay purchase


    My older CNG purchase

    NN Auction
  9. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

  10. Limes

    Limes Supporter! Supporter

    Nice catch @panzerman!
    It's been a while since I cought a coin from the NN auctions. They seem to realise stronger and stronger results, and seemingly fairly normal coins are far beyond my reach.
    I know auction prices have received a lot of attention (and discussion) on this board, but some developments keep surprising me. For example, this is a coin with great eye-appeal, but isn't a hammerprice of € 1900 a bit too much?? https://www.biddr.com/auctions/numismatiknaumann/browse?a=1401&l=1507485
  11. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    All coin values are a matter of opinion. Currently there are enough people with large amounts of disposable cash that can not imagine owning anything but the best that prices are going very high. If the prevailing opinion of people with money were to change to value rarity or historical connections more than grade, things might change. There was a time that collections were graded by how many coins they contained but this has been out of fashion for over a century. I doubt any of us now alive will see this change. The Domitian eagle is a very nice coin and worth that price to at least one buyer even if it is not to you or me.

    Money of any type is a matter of opinion relying on some level of agreement as to its value. Often this agreement is dictated by governments. Some people say gold is the only 'real' money but it is of no value to hungry people when there is no food to be purchased.
  12. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

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