Just have a question is it worth my time and money...

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by RLGluvcoins, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Jeffjay

    Jeffjay Well-Known Member

    I do the same. Even though you're not supposed to melt them I can't bring myself to put them back in circulation since they are worth more than a penny.
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  3. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I got into it hard in March when I went on hospice. Though its like a double edged sword though because as I'm going blurry blind I'm having fun playing with money lol. I have always been interested in change but for reasons like they were shiny or dated like my bday and/or was foreign. I was horrible I would give u a dollar for 3 quarters just because I liked the looks of the quarters lol.
  4. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I don't have yrs anymore. I got cancer 5 yrs ago and last March we finally conceded to the fact that I am a 1%er and the cure was killing me faster than the Cancer. I am now on Hospice and broke as a joke after a 5yr fight so was hoping for a miracle and have that one coin hit to work on my bucket lists and give me something to do sitting at home day in and day out.
    I have worked really hard in a short time learning as much as I can before I go completely blind or senile from the brain tumor. Its lung cancer that has matastisized to hip bone and now brain. I'm ok with my fate though and I will still go down fighting all the way. Just really hope to see my little brother again before I do. I have only seen him once since 2000. That was in 2009 at our dads funeral
  5. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I have a ton in so so condition hopefully I'll find someone around me willing to come visit and coin search with me soon. I just dont know anyone and I'm not allowed to drive alone so I dont really get to leave house either so I get on here and bug y'all giggle
  6. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    My nickel book is 4 short of being done. Coins in pretty nice condition even have a few early ones with full steps.shocking lol 15801075308754239548500452373385.jpg 15801075789718430473969879505475.jpg 15801076153018137008193884204306.jpg 15801076995731116791697826572711.jpg
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  7. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    The steps are messed up on this one but for a 1938 I still thought it was purty giggle
  8. cladking

    cladking Coin Collector

    That's the way I hope to go. Either that or just after a few months of winding down when I'm in my 100's. Good luck however it turns out. Keeping yourself entertained and leaving the world a better place is what it's all about anyway. Maybe just spreading your joy for coins will leave a lasting impression on some.

    I wouldn't send any of the coins in unless they are virtually perfect. I'm told that some of the coins in the last several years are getting pretty tough. I used to cull out the highest grades but don't do it much any longer because I'm getting older and am trying to reduce my holdings.
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  9. John Johnson

    John Johnson Active Member

    I think you would save a lot of time, effort, and money by just going on eBay and buying slabbed examples each year. Let someone else do the searching and paying for the slabbing. If you want to submit coins yourself, it would still be better to buy mint sets and open them and submit those coins. You're unlikely to find the quality you want in circulation.

    But I still throw the shiniest new coins I find in circulation into an old water bottle. I've been doing that for years, I guess for the same reason you keep them.
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  10. Chip Kirkpatrick

    Chip Kirkpatrick Well-Known Member

    The real question is why you might want to protect them. As has been stated it likely will not prove to be a worthy investment. BUT what I read was that you appreciate the look, color and appearances of these coins and frankly if it gives you pleasure then do as you please. I often clean coins ( I do a lot of metal detecting) in defiance of the “rule” of never cleaning because the coins I keep and treasure are for ME and my pleasure. And I like to see a clean coin where the details can be appreciated.

    Besides I’m sure on the way back from my funeral, my son will take all of my prizes and stop off at a Coinstar and cash me out.

    I’m always amused by the people who deny being a collector interested in turning a profit, yet are mightily worried about devaluing a coin. So polish up your Shield pennies, protect them as you like and never look back. Lol
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  11. SilverQueen1964

    SilverQueen1964 New Member

    Hilarious, looks kingly, though!
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  12. Chuck_A

    Chuck_A Well-Known Member

    I'm in a similar situation and sending you prayers. Maybe some of the others will comment but I think a product like Verdi-Care is also a conditioner that can protect your coins, i'm not sure, I don't collect zinc cents. There may be another way to protect them I'm unaware of. Collect what makes you happy! The best to you and your family. :happy:
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  13. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Ty prayers to you also.
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  14. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I deny nothing lol, I actually say Im looking for that diamond in the rough that will help fund my bucket list not buy anything for a hobby no one shares with me not even to have something to share while I'm stuck here. I will take my coins with me before I leave them to my ungrateful family. I already plan on having a pre-death estate sale when weather breaks, do whatever I can get to on my list in order of funds and ability at that time. I will not line my kids pockets after death when they have not lifted a finger to help my ol' man take care of me while I've been sick. If I have anything my honey doesn't want I will leave it to my nurses who are the best in the world.
  15. Mike Thorne

    Mike Thorne Well-Known Member

    They're not worth getting certified, and certification and slabbing will not prevent them from deteriorating. I say "spend them." Another possibility is to entomb them in a large jar under your desk. That way they'll be like mine.
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  16. Joshua42690

    Joshua42690 New Member

    Sorry I know this isn't ther place but your name made me think you can help. I have a 1971 Delaware mint Eisenhower silver dollar with clad layer missing. What is it worth?
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