Just Bought an Estate Full of Collector Coins

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    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes?

    Tons of coins! Please take a look. Make on offer on anything that interests you, and I can send you pictures of anything you may want to see.

    Paypal is preferred, free shipping on orders over $50.

    1857 Flying Eagle cent, two small laminations in obverse field. $40


    2 1859 Indian cents. One very low grade and corroded, one VF details with environmental effects. $20

    1863 Indian cent. EF details, polished. $20

    12 mixed date indian cents (1865-1900s). Low grade, some bent, holed, corroded. $6

    1909 Lincoln cent, with VDB. Fine. $6

    1864 2 cent, large motto. Weak strike, but F-VF overall. $20


    1869 nickel 3 cent. VG. $15


    1913 Buffalo nickel, Type 1. AU. very attractive. $25


    1913D Buffalo nickel, Type 1. Date worn off, but clearly type one (only made in 1913). $5

    Mixed lot of 20 low grade nickels - 2 shield (dateless), 16 Liberty, 2 Buffalo. $20

    1858 Liberty seated dime. G. $7


    1913 Barber dime. AU. Very attractive dark toning hides much of the luster, but this coin is quite attractive. $50


    Mixed lot of 22 Mercury dimes. Wide range of grades and dates, including all decades. $65

    1930 Standing Liberty Quarter. VF. Very attractive dark toning with blue highlights. $15


    1824/1 Capped Bust Half. O-101, R2. Popular overdate with attractive toning. VF-30. $200

    IMG_3463.JPG IMG_3464.JPG

    2 1893 Columbian halves. Circulated. $15


    1917 Walking Liberty Half. Reverse very attractively toned. SOLD

    Mixed lot of 10 circulated Morgan and Peace dollars. Wide range of dates, although no key dates. SOLD

    1986 Statue of Liberty Proof silver dollar, in original packaging. $15

    1926 Sesquicentennial $2.50. UNC, incredibly lustrous and very attractive. SOLD!

    Please make an offer on anything that interests you! Thanks for looking!
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