WTS: July 10 US & World Coin Auction (616 lots)

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    Good morning!

    Hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July weekend, not getting rained on too much (unless you need it, then I hope you get plenty!)

    I have another big auction coming up next weekend. Selling lots of my own stuff (as usual) trying to pare the collection down, plus a few items a friend has asked me to sell. The auction has 616 lots in it at this point (I may add more this week, but honestly it might just be long enough already.)

    Tons of items starting cheap, silver starting at melt, plenty of US Mint products (Proof and Silver Proof sets a-plenty) starting under greysheet bid. Framed sets, type coins, albums, rolls, tokens - just a ton of interesting stuff.

    I don't pad the shipping costs on you - most of the time I just round up the number USPS gives me to the nearest dollar. I also try to start my items at a reasonable price where, even if it just sells at the opening bid, I'll be satisfied. That way I can "set it and forget it."

    Here is the auction link - stop by and check it out if you get the time. Good luck!

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