WTS: Julius Caesar Elephant Denarius, very clear "CAESAR" - $500

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    $500 shipped in the USA. Payment by PayPal F&F

    A budget Julius Caesar elephant denarius with a test cut(common on coins from Spanish hoards). Really clear and crisp "CAESAR" even with the flatness caused by the test cut. As this type is extremely popular, it's tough to find a better example at this price point.

    Roman Imperatorial period AR denarius(3.91g, 18.32mm). Julius Caesar, military mint in northern Spain or southern Gaul, 49-48 BC. Elephant right, trampling dragon; in exergue, CAESAR. Border of dots / Pontifical emblems - culullus, aspergillum, axe and apex. Border of dots. Crawford 443/1; Babelon Julia 9; Sydenham 1006.

    Purchased originally from Marc Breitsprecher in February 2015
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