Julia Paula Alexandrian Tetradrachm

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    New one from Frank's most recent auction. It's scarce and I am having a difficult time finding other examples online, though a similar coin is well attested in the numismatic literature. It dates to the fourth year of Elagabalus's reign -- the last year Julia Paula ruled as Roman Empress.

    Julia Paula Alexandrian tetradrachm.jpg
    Julia Paula, AD 219-220.
    Roman provincial tetradrachm, 9.97 g.
    Egypt, Alexandria, AD 220/21.
    Obv: ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΠΑΥΛΑ CЄΒ, bare-headed and draped bust, right.
    Rev: Eagle standing r., wings open, holding wreath in beak, LΔ before, palm behind.
    Refs: Köln 2365 var.; Dattari 4172 var.; BMCG 1533 var.; RCV 7678 var.; Emmett 2974; Milne 2820 var.

    Different in style and details from the British Museum and Dattari specimens; the empress's coiffure is rendered differently and the eagle is depicted facing with head right. The date (LΔ) is in the upper left field instead of a palm:

    Julia Paula Alexandrian tetradrachm BMC.jpg
    Example in the British Museum Collection.

    Post anything you feel is relevant!
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    I find it amazing that the three wives (one repeated) of Elagabalus each have coins dated to two different years. It took skill to time it so two of them served in the same two years. Perhaps more amazing is that the used wives were allowed to live into retirement. I suppose we might hold the execution of Annia Faustina's husband for treason against Elagabalus but it is not clear which came first (treason or execution) and whether this should be pinned on the boy or Grandma Maesa. Additional amazement comes when you realize that Maesa and her husband both died of what was recorded as 'old age' (mid sixties).

    I remain amazed that Hollywood/HBO has never taken the life and times of Maesa and made a movie/series. She watched her sister Domna rise to the top and lived long enough to change grandsons when the first one proved more trouble than he was worth. Think Game of Thrones with more intrigue and stranger sex but, alas, no dragons. I'm counting on you to write the screenplay. You could even cast the thing entirely from the now unemployed GoT cast members.
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