Julia Maesa denarius

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Andres2, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. Andres2

    Andres2 Well-Known Member

    Picked this up in the last Savoca auction, one of the Julia's I was missing in my collection. Please show your Julia's.

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  3. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Although her coinage is fairly extensive, I only have two.

    AR denarius
    Rome, 218 - 222 AD, struck under the authority of Elagabalus
    18 mm, 2.675 g
    RIC IV Elagabalus 268; Cohen 36; RCV (2000) 7756; Sear 2183

    Ob.: IVLIA MAESA AVG Bust of Julia Maesa to r., hair waved and turned up low at the back, draped right
    Rev.: PVDICITIA, Pudicitia draped, seated to l. on throne, drawing veil with right hand and holding scepter in left

    upload_2021-7-12_17-51-11.png upload_2021-7-12_17-51-23.png
    She is shown with the same hairdo as yours :D
  4. Ryro

    Ryro Trying to remove supporter status Supporter

    Great looking Maesa!
    Sure was a handsome lady (talk about the Vespasian of Augustas).
    Mine is so masculine it looks like she's spitting Tabaco:
  5. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Nice addition

    Julia Maesa (218 - 225 A.D.)
    AR Antoninianus
    O: IVLIA MAESA AVG, Draped bust right, wearing stephane and set on crescent.
    R: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing facing, head left, extending hand and holding acerrum; lighted and garlanded altar to lower left.
    Rome Mint
    RIC IV(part 2), pg 50, #264 (Elagabalus).

    Julia Maesa (218 - 225 A.D.)
    AR Denarius
    O: IVLIA MAESA AVG Draped bust right.
    R: IVNO Juno standing facing, head left, holding scepter and patera.
    RIC 254 RSC 016

    Julia Maesa (218 - 225 A.D.)
    AR Denarius
    O: IVLIA MAESA AVG, Draped bust right.
    R: FORTVNAE REDVCI Fecunditas standing left, raising hand over child and cornucopia.
    RSC 14

    Rare Engravers Error:

    This coin features Maesa's Fecunditas type, RIC 249 = RSC 8, and should have been labeled FECVNDITAS AVG.

    It implies that Maesa's FECVNDITAS AVG type and Elagabalus' FORTVNAE REDVCI type were being produced simultaneously, that is in 219 AD, the known date of the FORTVNAE REDVCI type.

    This error is not unpublished: Cohen 14 reports a specimen in Paris, RIC 252 takes it over from Cohen.

    About the 6th known of this type, found two other specimens with the same combination of type and legend, both from the same reverse die but feature a young Maesa bust. This type features the older bust type.

    Possibly unique to feature this particular bust.
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  6. Ricardo123

    Ricardo123 Well-Known Member

    Another Maesa denario:

  7. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    An important part of a Severan Dynasty collection! Well done, @Andres2!

    This thread needs some bronze!

    Julia Maesa, Augusta AD 218-225.
    Roman Orichalcum Sestertius, 21.28 gm, 29.2 mm.
    Rome mint, AD 218-220.
    Obv: IVLIA MAESA AVGVSTA, diademed and draped bust, right.
    Rev: PIETAS AVG SC, Pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding incense box.
    Refs: RIC 414; Cohen 31; BMCRE 389; Sear 7763; Thirion 408.

    And the old dealer tag --

    Maesa tag jpeg.jpg
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  8. Shea19

    Shea19 Supporter! Supporter

    Nice new pickup! Mine was struck with a worn reverse die, but I love the portrait.

    Julia Maesa, AR Denarius (19.5mm, 2.96 g). Rome mint. Struck under Elagabalus, AD 218-220. Draped bust right / Pudicitia seated left, about to draw veil and holding scepter. RIC IV 268 (Elagabalus)
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  9. Severus Alexander

    Severus Alexander find me at NumisForums Supporter

    Nice type! Mine desperately needs a new photo:

    maesa denarius.jpg
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  10. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    A very interesting person; too bad the written record is so sketchy from that era. Those Severan women were amazing. Got this on eBay for a hair over $10 - it has a chunk missing, but I thought the portrait was worth it:

    Julia Maesa - Sest. Pudicitia Jun 2021 (0).jpg
    Julia Maesa - Sest. Pudicitia Jun 2021 (0det).jpg
    Julia Maesa Æ Sestertius
    (Grandmother of Elagabalus)
    (218-222 A.D.)
    Rome Mint

    [IVL]IA MAESA AV[GVSTA], diademed and draped bust right / [PVDICITIA], Pudicitia seated right, holding scepter and drawing veil, S [C] in exergue.
    RIC 420 (Elagabalus); Banti 8.
    (17.46 grams / 28 mm)
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  11. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    I guess Mamaea is close enough
    Julia Mamaea RIC 358.JPG
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  12. Orielensis

    Orielensis Supporter! Supporter

    Here is a little denarius set of all the different Severan Julias:

    Rom – Julia Domna, Denar, Diana.png
    Julia Domna, Roman Empire, AR denarius, 211–217 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG; bust of Julia Domna, draped, r. Rev: DIANA LVCIFERA; Diana, draped, standing l., holding a torch in both hands. 19mm, 3.09g. Ref: RIC IV Caracalla 373A.

    Rom – Julia Maesa, Denar, Pietas.png
    Julia Maesa, Roman Empire, AR denarius, 218–222 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IVLIA MAESA AVG, bust of Julia Maesa, draped, r., hair turned up low at the back. Rev: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing facing, head l. raising both hands, burning altar to l. 20mm, 3.65g. Ref: RIC IV.2 Elagabalus 266.

    Rom – Julia Soaemias, denar, Venus caelestis.png
    Julia Soaemias, Roman Empire, AR denarius, 218–222 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG, bust of Julia Soaemias, draped, r., hair waved and turned up low at the back. Rev: VENVS CAELESTIS; Venus, diademed, draped, seated l., holding apple in extended r. hand and sceptre in l. hand; at feet, child. 19mm, 3.39g. Ref: RIC IV Elagabalus 243.

    Rom – Julia Paula, Denar, Concordia.png
    Julia Paula, Roman Empire, denarius, 219–220 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IVLIA PAULA AVG; bust of Julia Paula, hair waved and fastened in plait, draped, r. Rev: CONCORDIA AVG; Concordia, draped, seated l., holding patera in extended r. hand; in field l, star. 19.5mm, 3.00g. Ref: RIC IV.2 Elagabalus 211.

    Rom – Julia Mamaea, Denar, Juno.png
    Julia Mamaea, Roman Empire, AR denarius, 225–235 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG; bust of Julia Mamaea, diademed, draped, r. Rev: IVNO AVGVSTAE; Juno, draped, seated l., holding flower in r. hand and object (swathed infant?) in l. hand. 21mm, 2.94g. Ref: RIC IV Severus Alexander 341.
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  13. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE


    RI Julia Maesa AR Denarius Pudicitia 3.1g 19mm Sear 2183
  14. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Supporter! Supporter

    Great OP coin with the grandma look to her portrait

    I have one with an idealized ? young portrait that I like very much for its style and brownish patina

    Julia Maesa, Denarius - Rome mint AD 218-220
    IVLIA MAESA AVG, Bust of Maesa right
    IVNO, Juno standing left holding patera and sceptre
    3.48 gr
    Ref : RCV #7750, Cohen #16

  15. curtislclay

    curtislclay Well-Known Member


    Is your Mamaea (above) denarius size or middle-bronze size? With S C or without?
  16. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    This is a fourree denarius, I believe. Around 19mm wjth no SC
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  17. DonnaML

    DonnaML Well-Known Member

    I have only one:

    Julia Maesa (grandmother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander), AR Denarius, 218-22 AD, Rome Mint. Obv. Draped bust right, IVLIA MAESA AVG / Rev. Fecunditas standing left holding cornucopiae, a small child at her feet, FECVNDI-TAS AVG. RIC IV-2 249, RSC III 8 (ill.), Sear RCV II 7749. 20.08 mm., 2.58 g.

    Julia Maesa. AR Denarius - jpg.jpg
    I have no idea whether the small child is supposed to represent an actual person, and, if so, whom. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  18. PeteB

    PeteB Well-Known Member

    Not too great, but....
    Julia Maesa. Augusta, 218-224/5 AD. Æ Sestertius. (31x28mm; 17.35 gm;12h). Rome mint. Struck 218-220 AD. Obv: Diademed and draped bust right. Rev: Pudicitia seated left on throne, holding scepter. RIC IV 420; Thirion 417; Banti 8.
  19. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Got one today. Way too tempting to leave it.

    Julia Maesa (grandmother of Elagabalus) AR Denarius, ca 218-222
    IVLIA MAESA AVG - draped bust to right
    Rev: SAECVLI FELICITAS - Felicitas standing to left, holding long caduceus and sacrificing over lighted altar; in left field, star.
    RIC IV 272 (Elagabalus); BMCRE 81-82 (Elagabalus); RSC 45b
    2,27 gr, 20 mm

    Same as the coin posted by @Andres2.

    I have 2 other denarii from Maesa.


    Julia Maesa. Augusta AD 218-224. Rome Denarius AR 19 mm., 2,31 g.
    Mother of Julia Soaemias and Julia Mamaea, grandmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander
    RIC IV Elagabalus 249
    Date Range: AD 218 - AD 222
    Obverse Legend: IVLIA MAESA AVG
    Type: Bust of Julia Maesa, hair waved and turned up low at the back, draped, right
    Reverse Legend: FECVNDITAS AVG
    Type: Fecunditas, draped, standing left, extending her right hand over a child and holding cornucopiae in left hand


    Julia Maesa. Augusta AD 218-224. Rome
    Denarius AR
    19 mm., 2,72 g.
    RIC IV Elagabalus 268 ; RSC 36
    Date Range: AD 218 - AD 222
    Obverse Legend: IVLIA MAESA AVG
    Type: Bust of Julia Maesa, hair waved and turned up low at the back, draped, right
    Reverse Legend: PVDICITIA
    Type: Pudicitia, draped, seated left, drawing veil over face with right hand and holding sceptre in left hand

    Last coins were purchased from different auctions but they have the same problem, as you can see. Most likely they belonged to the same collector. I suspect the green residue (that dissolved somehow parts of the coins) was caused by improper storing. Too bad, the coins show little normal wear.
  20. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    Maesa is also available from an Eastern mint usually called Antioch. Two Junos and my favorite, a Fecunditas.
    rn0200bb1689.jpg rn0210bb2003.jpg rn0220bb2032.jpg
  21. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    Nice coins!

    I have a small set of her coins

    Youthful portrait AR denarius - I would imagine these may have been struck under Elagabalus
    Julia Maesa Saecvli felicitas.jpg

    AR Antoninianus - these were definitely struck under Elagabalus
    Julia Maesa antoninianus pietas.jpg

    An old, craggy portrait AR denarius - perhaps struck under Severus Alexander?
    Julia maesa denarius pudicitia.jpg

    And the cream of the crop - an extremely rare posthumous denarius! Her posthumous issues are only slightly more common than those of Julia Domna

    Diva Julia Maesa denarius.jpg

    One I parted with but wish I hadn't- this AE As with Pudicitia is quite rare, as are all middle bronzes of the time. When I got it, there was only one other on ACSearch, although I think I may have seen a couple more since.
    Julia Maesa AE As Pudicitia RIC 419.jpg
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