WTS: January 17 Auction Leftovers

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    Good evening!

    Hope everyone is getting an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend (I spent mine driving back from a death in the family, then going to the vet for a sick pet...but I did find a decent local Chinese food place, and the family had some coins for me to poke through, and the cat isn't seriously ill, so...I'll take it.)

    I'd like to offer the next installment of Auction Leftovers - items that did not sell or meet their reserve in the previous auction. No extra buyer's premium or fees, just a list of what is still available and what the price is.

    *All items with a $1 price tag are now 75 cents each
    *FREE shipping for any order over $100

    The list of available lots is on my Auction Leftovers page (it's currently updated) and images of every lot can be found on the original auction site (either Invaluable or AuctionZip.) I've heard different people have had different results on either site, so you have the option.

    Sometimes one doesn't work for even me - which...is frustrating... (Cue the joke about how "even the person who graduated last in their class at web design is still technically a web designer, right"?)

    I'll give this group another day or two before I start adding them back into the next auction.

    Thanks, and have a great week!

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