WTS: January 15 Coin Auction

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    Happy weekend, everyone!

    The auctioneer I work for is having an online-only coin auction on Tuesday January 15, 2019 over at AuctionZip (it's also posted on Invaluable.)

    Here's the link to register through AuctionZip:

    From what I can see, he's supplying most of the US coinage and bullion, I've supplied a bunch of cheap silver world coins and collectible/vintage art bars and rounds along with some pricier world coins. As the STL area is going to be pretty much snowed in this weekend, I may decide to add a bunch of tokens and medals that have been lying around my desk for the longest, maybe some UNC Franklin Half Dollars (if anyone wants me to, PM me the dates you need), maybe some UNC/Toned Washington Quarters, you know the drill. Opening bids start at our minimum acceptable number (unlike a normal auction where a bunch starts at .99) - so if you bid once, and no one jumps over you, you'll win the coin.

    Just as a heads up, I'm also working on putting together a combo live/online auction there as well for the 27th, will be starting to piece out my world silver hoard (was about 2,000 pieces of stuff I've saved.) I'm starting with the crown sized, then half-dollar sized, then quarter sized, etc. (the dime sized group will be about 500 pieces, so it will have to wait until another auction.)

    Here's the link for that auction:


    Good luck, and thank you!

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