Jaelus' Top 10 of 2019

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Jaelus, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    Here are my 10 favorite purchases of 2019:

    Hungarian Parliament of 1861 with Presentation Case
    AR Medal 50mm

    This medal commemorates the reconvening of the Diet of Hungary on April 6,1861, after it had been disbanded following the failed War of Independence of 1848-49. While this medal is common in tin, silver examples are very scarce, and this is the only example I've seen with an original presentation case. While it is the same diameter as the tin version, the obverse die has some notable differences.


    Hungary 1883KB Krajczár Pattern KM-TS29
    Struck in Nickel
    NGC MS65

    A stunning gem example of a Franz Joseph era pattern.

    qOI6IVKpSUmTFbHGGkCZ_1883 krajczar nickel MS65 obv.jpg
    fbSf8X8kTLuIkVIUrphm_1883 krajczar nickel MS65 rev.jpg

    1896 Bronze Hungarian Millennium Expo Contributor's Award with Presentation Case

    These medals were presented to contributors at the Hungarian Millennium Expo of 1896. This is the only example I've seen that still has the original presentation case. Of note, this medal was presented to the well-known architect János Wagner who served as the Chief Engineer for the Hungarian Millennium Expo site.

    zTbNhAA7RSiZiqH9YkcW_s-l1600 (9) - Copy.jpg
    GDxsptPTVubmcEkvs3sI_s-l1600 (8).jpg
    MnQ4tkbES3uB3S15NB44_s-l1600 (8) - Copy.jpg
    eQmfWWp5TseicDRR5zRF_s-l1600 (10).jpg
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  3. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    Austria 1908 AR Corona KM-2808
    60 Years of Reign Commemorative
    NGC MS66 PL

    An astounding hyper gem prooflike example of the 1908 commemorative corona that I found raw in a box at Whitman earlier this year, and submitted to NGC the same day. I think this is the best find I made this year at a show.

    SqDHme0BQtSJx6PwmCp3_NGC4919404-001_OBV.jpg f4jFnI5IQLqXnWCclyfY_NGC4919404-001_REV.jpg

    Hungary 1915KB AR Korona
    (1912-1916) KM-492
    NGC MS67

    The 1915KB korona is an extremely common coin, however, it took many years to find an MS67 (top pop) example.

    9uZarrKDSdehoo8hgEPe_NGC3938358-006_OBV - Copy.jpg
    lFEcGrhfRBOelxpsrfSf_NGC3938358-006_REV - Copy.jpg

    Hungary 1916KB Iron 2 Fillér Pattern Huszar-2225
    NGC AU58

    This exceptionally rare transitional WWI pattern is similar to the larger bronze 2 fillér KM-481 (19mm), however, this coin is struck from smaller dies on a double thickness 16mm iron planchet. I found this coin at auction already slabbed by NGC and incorrectly identified as the common 1916 2 fillér type. I was not the only person who noticed there was something unusual about that lot, as it hammered for considerably more than the common type would have been worth, however, it was still a small fraction of the true value of this pattern. This was easily my best cherrypick of 2019.

    JACUp0H5SFuAQTQglM3a_1916 2 filler iron AU58 obv.jpg
    LuUctvlSSahaU6QyUr6V_1916 2 filler iron AU58 rev.jpg

    Hungary 1946BP Aluminum-Bronze 10 Fillér Pattern of KM-530

    An exceptionally rare Hungarian Second Republic pattern of the first modern "dime". Only 10 were struck with few currently known examples, and no examples in the Hungarian National Collection. A beautiful coin with prooflike surfaces in hand.


    Hungary 1972BP AR 50 Forint Proof Pattern of KM-596
    1000th Birth Anniversary of King Saint Stephen

    A recent purchase on eBay. The condition of the coin in hand is breathtaking. Easily a PF69 UCAM. Perhaps the eBay purchase I was most pleased with all year.

    DjSurueQrOMP5p0kJBvg_s-l1600 (4).jpg
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  4. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    Hungary 1982BP Aluminum-Bronze 10 Forint Pattern of KM-636

    A Soviet-era transitional pattern with a lovely patina. My top pick for eye appeal from a large collection of modern Hungarian patterns I acquired this year.


    Hungary 2001BP AU 20,000 Forint Proof KM-753
    Commemorating A Thousand Years of Hungarian Coinage

    Just a lovely modern gold commemorative. One of my favorites for the "coins commemorating coins" theme and the beautiful design.

    o2kveUuhR7aorW6zVYgo_s-l1600 (5) - Copy.jpg
    kapdKPNoRjObmtYISrm5_s-l1600 (6) - Copy.jpg
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  5. ToughCOINS

    ToughCOINS Dealer Member Moderator

    I'm not an aficionado of foreign coins Jason, but I enjoy looking at everything your good eye singles out.
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  6. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Beautifull examples! Thanks for sharing:) I am into Austro-Hungarian coins also....
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  7. wcg

    wcg Well-Known Member

    Your photography is in a league of its own. Very crisp! The 1916 iron piece in particular is worth a good long look.
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Geeeez Jason ! John's out mowing the grass all the time, guess that means you rake the leaves huh ?? :D :D

    I'm tellin ya folks, you guys admiring all the coins these two post - ya'll gotta find another line of work :D
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    panzerman Well-Known Member

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  10. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector Supporter

    Well done, Jason.
    Not my bailiwick, but I still enjoy eyeballing impressive coins.

    I'm still looking for a 1941 Hungary 2 Pengo (wavy base 2).
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  11. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter


    The mint used a reverse die from a pattern for the wavy 2 variety. Advanced collectors in Hungary consider it to be a separate type, so it is very popular. Of note, the 1946 2 Pengo also has a variety where a pattern obverse die was used, but the difference can only be seen in the number 5 in the date.

    I'm still looking for a mint state wavy 2 example. I do come across circulated ones, but not often. Perhaps once or twice a year at best.
  12. Robidoux Pass

    Robidoux Pass Active Member

    Quite a show! And all from one country. I admire your patience in uncovering these excellent examples.
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