it may be a wee bit early...but show us your Irish..coin's,medal's,etc...

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Paddy54, Mar 13, 2023.

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    Poor condition but got this Irish Evasion halfpenny in a “junk”(it was really really cool) lot from eBay

    Evasion half penny were basically counterfeit coins but were struck different from official issue so as not to be “technically” illegal and hopefully ensure the maker avoid the gallows, or a trip to Australia on King George sixpence

    God save the King and Be as you seem to be dated 1796 and cataloged as Akins 314. The design of the 3 crown of a single tree is interesting . Listing for a few on line (all much nicer ) indicate it is rare .
    F68420D2-2B55-41E8-9E72-0EF7A1CB19CF.jpeg 22DEBBB0-67CF-4076-8780-CC2763F48211.jpeg
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