It happened on December 15th.

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    Just a little quiz for fun. Two emperors are born on this day and another one has been declared a Public Enemy by the Senate. Who are they ??? 4BDE359B-F69E-481B-87BB-B61B75D4CBE8.jpeg 9DCCC641-F0C6-4AF8-8DEB-DA465E97C2E4.jpeg C0924A5B-89ED-4DDD-B60C-3CCF925BD230.jpeg
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    Great minds! I just put together a post to celebrate the 1st mans birth! Born on 37 BCE it's Nero! Sadly before having to take his own life. It was Nero who was dubbed an enemy of the state by the Senate.
    It's already in my other thread, but never enough Nero. Here is one of mine:
    CollageMaker Plus_201845212919615.png

    54-68 CE. AE Dupondius of
    Lugdunum, 66. Laureate
    head / Securitas seated with
    sceptre. RIC.445
  4. Bing

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    Lucius Verus 2.jpg
    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: L VERVS AVG ARMENICACVS, laureate head right
    REVERSE: TR P V IMP II COS II, Mars standing right, holding spear & leaning on shield
    Struck at Rome, 163-4 AD
    3.0g, 16mm
    RIC 529 (Marcus Aurelius), C 263
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    ...and my brother. I gave him a call this morning.
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